Reasons I Will Always Love Disney

Reasons I Will Always Love Disney

If you haven’t guessed yet, I kinda really adore Disney. I grew up watching classics, I’ve been on holiday several times to Disney World and I was given the incredible opportunity to call Florida home. Friends have always taken the mick (no pun intended) with my obsession there are reasons I will always love Disney. Not just the place, but the films and the company.

Reasons I Will Always Love Disney

The Values

Whether it’s the films you’re watching or the company itself, the values that Disney teaches and has are without a doubt some of the most positive and aspiring. They teach wrong from right for younger children and give adults aspirations and a push in the right direction. From a park perspective, every person is equal. Whether they’re straight or gay, a family or young couple, spent £6,000 to be there or kept their trip as cheap as possible. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is treated the same.

The Music

The music is one of the best things about the films or the parks. If you hear a song, you’ll have it in your head for hours. A lot of movie songs have become iconic and will take you back to a place or a feeling. The park music does the same. Every time I hear Wishes or Illuminations I get all the feels. I can remember seeing them for the first time and just being in awe.

The Bubble

One of the best things about going to Disney World, Florida is that you get to step inside this bubble. When you walk through the turnstiles in Magic Kingdom, you leave the outside world behind. Children’s imaginations come to life and adults let theirs run wild. Disney World is a place for everyone to have fun and enjoy. After All, adults are just big kids in grown-up bodies.

The Characters

The characters are always so relatable in one way or another. Whether you’re an adult or a child we can always see something in them that reminds us of ourselves or how we were when we were children. Disney has always had incredibly strong female characters and they are breaking boundaries and the status quo more and more. Elsa didn’t need no man and Moana went on a journey of self discovery.

The Man Himself; Walt Disney

If you’re familiar with how the Disney Company came to be, you’ll know that Walt was told that musical animations would never become popular. Oh, how wrong they were. He followed his goals and look where it took him. Even though he is gone, the corporation has continued to thrive and grow. One of my favourite quotes from Walt has to be ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ and that’s pretty obvious it still applies. Disney continues to break the boundaries of what is possible and the new Pandora land in Animal Kingdom is the perfect example of that. Floating islands in the sky? No problem.

As you can see, Disney means a hell of a lot to me. I love the films and the characters and I’m so lucky to have called Orlando home for almost a year and half. Watching the films and the music just take me back and give me a little bit of the place I call home when I’m not there.

I was also given the opportunity to talk on the Theme Park Trader podcast this weekend. If you’re a Disney fan like me, I would thoroughly recommend giving their channel a listen. We spoke about my time in Disney and I gave out some tips for going to Disney World for the first time. This is the start of a series of Disney posts that I will be doing weekly so make sure you’re following to keep up!

What do you love about Disney?