18 Things I Miss About Florida

18 Things I Miss About Florida

I love living in Chester and I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring, but, there are some things I really miss about Disney. You might understand these things if you’ve been there on holiday or vacation but it’s even more hard to adapt when you’ve lived and worked there. There’s not much that you can compare to after you’ve spent almost 18 months living in the happiest place on earth. I narrowed the list down to 18 things I miss about Florida. On a side note, apologies about the quality of some of these photos!

    Florida in General

  1. Cowboys. Not actual Cowboys, a bar called Cowboys in Orlando. We went most Saturday nights and we would just drink, chat and dance to country music. There’s nothing that even comes close to that atmosphere in the UK.
  2. Things I Miss About Florida

  3. How extreme Americans are with the Holidays. For Autumn/Fall, everything is orange and beautiful and golden. There is pumpkin spiced everything. Christmas is equally amazing. Think fake snow, twinkly lights everywhere, red and green, cinnamon, eggnog. It’s crazy there and I loved every minute of it.
  4. Things I Miss About Florida

  5. The weather. Another obvious one. It’s hot all year round and the thunderstorms are incredible and terrifying all at the same time.
  6. Road tripping. Rental cars are so cheap and you can drive for about three hours and the scenery and atmosphere will change. You don’t realise how vast America is until you drive ten hours north and only get to Nashville.
  7. Better Starbucks rewards. Starbucks rewards are so much better in the USA. You have to get 125 to get a free drink but, you get 2 points per $1 so it can be for anything including cups.
  8. Free poured drinks. Most bars don’t do exact amounts in drinks, they free pour. Now if you tip well, they usually make it a little stronger. No rules like here.
  9. Bath and Body Works, Sephora, Ulta, etc. Why can you not get these stores in the UK. There is such a massive market for it and people would go nuts over it!.
  10. Really amazing bad food. The best burgers, pancakes, cheesecakes, ribs, pizzas, ice cream, I could go on.
  11. Things I Miss About Florida

  12. All of the Ben and Jerry’s flavours. There must be 30+ flavours. Of which we get about 10 in the UK and they are the pretty bland ones. My favourite has to be ‘The Tonight Dough’ created by Jimmy Fallon.
  13. Free refills. Not on alcohol but on soft drinks in restaurants. Nothing worse than having to limit yourself to a Sprite because you don’t want to pay £3 a glass here.
  14. Disney Things

  15. My friends. The one thing I’ve mentioned in previous posts is how you’re pretty much never alone. You live, work and hang out with your friends every day. Even if it’s only in your apartment. I miss my friends like crazy but I text at least two of them every day and FaceTime with them regularly.
  16. Things I Miss About Florida

  17. Heading to the Disney Parks on my days off. So this one is pretty obvious. If you have a park pass but zero money and all your friends are working, you can never be bored.
  18. Starbucks on the hub grass. There’s nothing better when you’re hungover, having a day to yourself or the parks are too busy than getting an iced coffee and watch Festival of Fantasy from the Hub grass in MK.
  19. Being around people that ‘get it’. I can guarantee if you haven’t been to Disney you will just be thinking ‘err, what?’ about this post. People that have, will just get it.
  20. Themed restaurants. Whispering Canyon, 50s Prime Time Cafe, Hoop de Doo. Restaurants you get yelled at, you have a ‘mom’, you’re put to work for your food, have musicals during, etc. They are great.
  21. Things I Miss About Florida

  22. Disney snacks. Predominantly Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches and Bars.
  23. Never being bored. I haven’t lost many days to TV because I’ve kept busy but I do find myself getting bored. You just can’t ever be bored in Florida, there’s so much to do.
  24. Customer service. For the most part, everyone goes out of their way for you and are incredibly hospitable.

So these are the things I miss about Florida the most. There’s much more but it’s so hard to narrow everything down. I’d say my top three would definitely be my friends, Cowboys and going to the parks in my free time. The lifestyle is completely different out there and every day brings something new. There’s literally nothing you an compare it to.

If you’ve been to Disney, either on holiday or to work, what are the things you miss about Florida?