Things I’m Excited for at Disneyland Paris

There are so many things I’m excited for at Disneyland Paris. After looking forward to it for months, it’s now less than three weeks away! I’ve started planning outfits with my friend Jen and trying to sort what we’re doing each day along with smashing my running goals. I’ll be running the 10km kitted out head-to-toe as Tinkerbell and then doing a half marathon in a bright green tutu to continue with my theme.

The charity I’m running for is Dementia UK as it’s one that’s incredibly close to my heart. My grandma on my dad’s side was diagnosed with vascular dementia a few years ago. It is one of the most heartbreaking things to see to someone so intelligent and strong get taken away by this disease month-by-month. I’m aiming to raise £500 for all the amazing work that Dementia UK does to help patients and their families. If you’re able to sponsor me, I’d be incredibly grateful. It doesn’t have to be much, even a pound, but anything will help.

Things I’m excited for at Disneyland Paris

Hyperspace Mountain

Two of my favourite things rolled into one; Star Wars and Space Mountain. Now, I know that this indoor coaster is nothing like the one in Magic Kingdom so it’s probably incomparable. I can’t wait to experience this version as I know it has a few loops, unlike its Orlando counterpart. The Star Wars takeover of the ride takes you on a mission to spy on an Imperial Star Destroyer. I imagine it must be a blend of Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and Star Tours.

 Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

There’s nothing like walking in through Magic Kingdom onto Main Street and seeing the castle in the distance. It gives me the ultimate warm-fuzzy feeling and I can’t wait to see the Parisian version. I know it’s a fair bit smaller but it’s still exciting none-the-less. What’s more, the DLP castle has the dragon underneath it which will be amazing to see.

disneyland paris

Crush’s Coaster

This is probably one of the rides I’m most excited for at Disneyland Paris. Crush’s Coaster isn’t in Florida so it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve been on before. I adore the Finding Nemo films and love the ‘The Seas” ride at EPCOT. It’s a rollercoaster again that is mainly inside and in the dark so looks like it will have some good thrills.

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is only in the USA but it is incredible although you probably think it’s strange to be excited over a sandwich shop. It does some of the best subs and mac & cheese I’ve ever had. We will arrive in the evening on the 21st September so it will be pointless going to a park as they close fairly early. Disney Village is the shopping and restaurant area near our hotel so it will be the first place we go to once we get there!

Half Marathon

I’ve done a half marathon before but I’m still a little nervous about the Disneyland Paris runs. After having a few injuries, I seem to be getting somewhere at the moment. I’m currently up to an 8 mile run with a 9 and 10 mile one planned too before I go. The runDisney events are so much fun though, I’m sure there will be plenty to do and see along the way to keep me motivated. Hopefully, it will be dry and there aren’t too many inclines!

Things I'm Excited for at Disneyland Paris 1

Phantom Manor

In Walt Disney World, one of my all time favourite rides is Haunted Mansion. The Parisian counterpart, Phantom Manor, is meant to be a darker and grimmer than the other. Obviously it’s not going to be scary as it’s still a thrill ride. There’s a different storyline but the ride is in the same format with the Grim Grinning Ghosts music which I love. I really hope there’s some themed merchandise for this that I can get my hands on as a souvenir.


There’s nothing better than sitting on the side of Main Street with coffee in hand and waiting for the parade. I can remember the first one I watched and how happy it made me so can’t wait for a new flurry of butterflies watching the DLP one. Even more so, this will be the 25th Anniversary Disney Stars on Parade with the fire breathing Maleficent dragon that comes down Main Street in Florida.

Disneyland Paris Hotel

I want to go and see the Disneyland Paris Hotel mainly for the photo opportunities. There are so many cute photos on Pinterest with the Hotel in the background and I just really want one too! It’s essentially the equivalent to the Grand Floridian and is the highest bracket Hotel in Paris. Conveniently, it’s next to the entrance so won’t be out of the way to go to. There are a couple of bars and restaurants that look incredibly nice too that if we get the chance, I’d like to try out.

Seeing Friends

The number one thing I’m most excited for at Disneyland Paris is seeing friends. I’ve got one of my best friends, Christian, coming from Florida that I haven’t seen since I came back to the UK. It’s going to be strange seeing him in the England and going on holiday to DLP with him but so much fun! Another I’m going to be seeing is Jen who is my little Welsh prin that you’ve seen in this post. Last but not least, I’ll be seeing a friend called Rich that I used to work with at the Apple Store in Cambridge that is also a bit of a Disney nut and loves doing the races. The weekend away is going to be super fun!

Things I'm Excited for at Disneyland Paris 2

I know there will be so much more along the way that I’ll get excited for. The fall decorations will be starting to go up too hopefully. If you’ve been, please leave me any tips or things I must see. There aren’t a huge deal of good blog posts like there are for WDW. I’ve started a list of the different types of photos I want to take too along with planning my outfits. One of the things I’m also looking forward to is having the chance to have a play with my SLR so I’ll get some great pictures hopefully.