Fall Fashion Wishlist

Fall Fashion Wishlist

Dorothy Perkins brown dress, £39 // Dorothy Perkins open shoulder top, £35 // Dorothy Perkins navy blue shirt, £22 // Dorothy Perkins clothing, £39 // Dorothy Perkins brown skirt, £35 // Dorothy Perkins ankle boots, £120 // Dorothy Perkins beige purse, £39

Isn’t it sod’s law that you always find clothes you really want when you don’t have the budget? Or when you do have the money, you can never find anything you like or stores don’t have the right sizes? It’s so frustrating! I am currently in the first situation. With the season changing, all I really want to do is buy lots of pretty autumnal pieces to add to my wardrobe. After working at Outfit for a few weeks, I got to see a few of the Arcadia brands bringing out this autumn’s key looks. I’ve seen loads from Dorothy Perkins that I adore and really need in my life. I’ve put together this fall fashion wishlist with a few pieces that have caught my eye and I’ll probably be purchasing come pay day/

I don’t think I’ve ever been keen on Dorothy Perkins, it’s never been my go-to store but there are so many great pieces for autumn. So starting with my favourite; that gillet. I love it, it’s so soft and floofy. I pretty much live in leggings when it gets cold so think it will look great with them and a long top. The pinafore I’m really intrigued in, they seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. I’m not sure how well it will suit my body, though. The skirt I’ve actually tried on and love! It looks a little more purple and brown in real life to me. I love how darker colours become so much more popular at this time of you. Some really deep, wine coloured lips will go nicely with the dress and skirt. They can be dressed up or down and be good for most occasions.

I tend to wear a lot of tops with cut out shoulders, I don’t know why I just do. They are all quite summery so the orange jumper will be a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. You can’t have too many knits at this time of year! I also realised, I don’t think I currently own a check shirt, I left mine in Orlando. This one is a gorgeous burgundy and navy and looks beaut! I can probably get away with it under the pinafore too.

Something I’m in desperate need of is a new pair of boots. These are faux fun lined with a suede finish so will be toasty as the weather gets colder. They are a little out of my budget but worthy of being on my fall fashion wishlist as they are so pretty. Last but not least, I’ve been using the same handbag for a few years now. It’s a Michael Kors so is in great condition still but I would like a new one so that it doesn’t have to be an everyday bag. The colours are great for autumn on this Dorothy Perkins bag and it’s still big enough to put my laptop in if I need to.

Just a few Dorothy Perkins bits and pieces that I have my eye on. There are so many great fall fashion wishlist items at the moment, though! I’ll probably end up making a post like this for Warehouse and New Look too. I’ve missed the cold weather so much! There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a thick knit to stay warm. Bring on the British weather, I’ve missed it!

What stores are on your fall fashion wishlist this season?