Miss Selfridge AW14 Favourites

Miss Selfridge AW14 Favourites

As a brand, I absolutely adore Miss Selfridge and I often find myself spending a bit of time and money in there. The majority of my dresses are bought from there and one thing that always catches my eye are the emails they send round each day. As far as marketing are concerned, they seem to have it down to a T!

The other day I saw that I had received the email with the AW14 preview on so a headed straight to the website and found quite a few bits that I really love. Winter in the UK is one of my favourite seasons, I feel like I dress so much better as the summer here is so hit and miss! I always turn to the colour burgundy whether it’s with chunky knits or skinny jeans, it’s one of my favourite colours without a doubt!

There are so many great bits in the Miss Selfridge AW14 range so I’ve picked out a few of my favourites. The first thing that caught my eye were the Amour Boots!! They are so nice, I definitely haven’t ordered them already whilst they’re in the 20% off Back-to-School promotion…they come this week and I can’t wait! They were really comfy when I tried them on in store and was gutted when I found the offer was only available online.

I never got round to buying any checked trousers when they were popular last year so I’m definitely making this the first item once I reach my first weight goal which should only be a few weeks if all go to plan! There were a couple that I really liked, these black and white ones were my favourite though.

The burgundy jumper is just another essential in my eyes! I’ve got a few from H&M in the past but really like this knitted one. The hat is possibly another essential. I’ve never really been a fan of wooly hats but I think it might be time for a change this year! I’ve got my fringe back and hats always look slightly better on me with one.

Now, I’ve saved the furry gilet until last. I’ve always liked the idea of having one of these, but never had the guts to buy one. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to pull it off but I think I’ll definitely be trying it on when I’m next in the store. Will be great for autumn, maybe still a bit too chilly for winter though!

So what have you seen in the AW14 previews online so far that you love? What are going to be your must have essentials for this year?