Outfit Ideas for Download Festival

Outfit Ideas for Download Festival

Download Festival 2019 is officially less than three weeks away and I seriously cannot wait! I’ve been to a fair few festivals over the years but they were mainly for work. This is my first rock festival and pretty much spot on to my music taste. I get to see a lot of my favourite bands again and even more for the first time. Whilst I’ve been looking for outfit ideas for Download Festival, I’ve noticed there’s not a great deal of rock or alt festival outfit examples on mainstream sites. There’s a lot of neon, barely there and sequin styles that I’ve had to sift through to find mine. I thought I’d show you my favourite pieces so far along with some of the items I’ve bought.

Download Festival Outfit Essentials

Denim Shorts

I have a selection of denim shorts which has been a saviour when I’m trying not to spend a massive amount beforehand. I have a few pairs from different stores but the ones that I’ll be taking with me are my American Eagle ripped light denim shorts that I bought when I lived in Florida and a couple of ripped dark blue and black shorts from Primark. You don’t have to break the bank with denim shorts, it’s a festival after all and they could get ruined. For me, the most important thing is that they’re comfy when I’m sitting down. There are a couple of bands that I can’t wait to sit down (if it’s not wet!) and just enjoy a pint whilst listening to them. No one wants tight denim shorts that cut into their stomach whilst doing this!

Waterproof Jacket

As you know, the British weather is far from predictable. One minute it can be bright blue skies and the next there can be a downpour. I already have a waterproof jacket which would have done fine but Curt came across these on Amazon. They’re big ponchos so we can use them to sit on if the ground is wet. One of the most frustrating things with waterproofs is that they can often be bulky so these are a lot more lightweight and compact.

Selection of Shoes

I’m hoping I won’t have to rely on my Hunter wellies – I’m praying for sunshine! However, wellies are a must at UK festival because you never know when they heavens will open up. I’ll also be taking my Dr Martens but these could be too hot if it’s really warm! I’m also taking my trusty Converse and my Slipknot Dravens that I forgot I owned and haven’t worn for years. At least I’ve got a good selection if it rains or it’s dry. I’m also getting a pair of flip flops so I can pop to the loo when we’re on the campsite without struggling to get actual shoes on.

Outfit Ideas for Download Festival; One

Friday brings some bands and artists I’ve always wanted to see; Rob Zombie, Whitesnake, Blackberry Smoke and Myles Kennedy (with Slash) to name a few. I get to see headliners Def Leppard again after seeing them in Liverpool in December. I’ll probably be going with a simple outfit for the first day whilst I get my bearings with everything.

Outfit Ideas Download Festival band tshirt

Band T-Shirts

First of all, band t-shirts were the simplest way to go when I was looking for outfit ideas for Download Festival. I’ve got a Def Leppard tour tee so I’m probably going to opt for this but between Curt and I, we’ve got quite the selection. If you’re eager to buy before you go, EMP Store has hundreds to choose from and you can even find some on mainstream sites under ‘slogan tshirts’ such as PrettyLittleThing.com.

I know there are stalls at Download so I might even wear a new one. The only band t-shirt that I really want to get to wear whilst I’m there is a Download Festival 2019 one and potentially a Slipknot and Brothers Osbourne one. If it’s sunny, I’ll team this outfit up with a pair of my denim shorts and converse. With the unpredictable British weather, I’ll just add in tights and either a denim jacket or a check shirt with DMs or wellies.

Outfit Ideas for Download Festival; Two

When Brothers Osbourne were announced, I was so bloody excited. I fell in love with country music when I was living in Florida. Sitting in a field, drinking a pint of cider whilst listening to them under the sun (hopefully!), sounds like summer bliss to me. I started looking for outfit ideas for Download Festival that had a much more country feel.

Outfit Ideas Download Festival fringe western top

Fringe Vest

Fringe is the epitome of a country look and teamed with denim, looks even better. I spent ages looking for a few key pieces and ended up settling on this top and hat from PrettyLittleThing. Primark has a black denim jacket with fringe detailing on the back which I love but it would be too much for one outfit. I’ve also got a black suede fringe bag from New Look that my sister got me for my birthday too.

Outfit Ideas for Download Festival; Three

For my final look, I’ve decided to try and step out of my comfort zone a bit. Depending on the weather, I might switch this with my Friday outfit plan for Download Festival. I’m hoping by the Sunday, I’ll have a bit more confidence and/or just won’t care what others think. There’s another good selection of bands that I can’t wait to see. Slayer are doing their last ever UK show which will be mental and oh so good. Smashing Pumpkins are a bit more chilled and remind me of school. Godsmack feature on my gym playlist a lot so I’m looking forward to them as well. There are so many to end Download Festival with and it’s going to be excellent.

Outfit Ideas Download Festival black fishnet top

Fishnet Top

So, as I said, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a bit with a fishnet top. I did buy a little bralet for underneath but the one I ordered was way too small. I already have a black triangle bikini so have opted for this instead unless I find a last minute one. Teamed with a check shirt, I don’t think I’ll be too self-conscious but we shall see! After discovering that there’s a hell of a lot of neon fishnet items for festivals, I found this top. It fits really well and is a bit longer, coming close to the top of my black denim shorts which makes me feel a bit better.

Are you going to a festival this year? What are you planning to wear?