21 Day Fix Results

As I mentioned here, I’ve gone back to doing the Beachbody programs. I did T-25 alongside running when I lived in Florida and was probably the fittest I’ve ever been. With the announcement of the coaching system coming to the UK in autumn, I’ve restarted. I have an amazing coach called Alexis who is so encouraging and positive. My aim is to be the best version of ‘me’ and then try to inspire others, as she does, once it launches here. The first program I decided to get back stuck in with was the 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese. My body has changed so much in only three weeks that I wanted to share my 21 Day Fix results – eek!

What Is The 21 Day Fix?

Now don’t get me wrong, this workout can be a challenge but it’s really easy to follow. As the name suggests, the 21 Day Fix takes place over three weeks. The idea behind it is that it takes this long to break a bad habit and turn it into a healthy one. You workout for up to thirty minutes everyday and eat well. If you want to succeed, you need to stay positive and just keep telling yourself “I’ve got this.”

For me, I either got up and worked out straight away or did it as soon as I got in the door from work. There were a couple of occasions that I got home too late so I would double up either the day before or after. I made my workouts and eating a priority. I said no to cakes at work, I drank about 3-4 litres of water and I stuck to my food plans. There is no such thing as saying “I don’t have the time”; you need to make the time for your health if it’s something you really want.

To take part in the 21 Day Fix, you’ll need a yoga mat and two sets of weights. I only had one set of 2.5kg ones unfortunately but I’ve still had amazing results. The workouts are in a seven day rotation with different types of cardio, strength, yoga and pilates exercises. They’re all around the thirty minute mark so are easy to fit in once a day. I had no excuses to not workout and I really enjoyed them which made them easier.

There are loads of pre-made food plans on the Beachbody Blog, albeit a lot with American ingredients. Your tubs that you use in conjunction with the nutritional plans are used to measure out your foods. Most the recipes are measured in cups so I’d recommend using this guide alongside your tubs.. The plans also use a product called “Shakeology” which is currently unavailable in the UK. It’s a protein powder with a lot of added extras. As a substitute, I used protein with a supergreens powder that you can get from Aldi for £3ish.

My 21 Day Fix Results

So, without further adieu, it’s time to show you my 21 Day Fix results.

beachbody uk 21 day fix results

beachbody uk 21 day fix results

beachbody uk 21 day fix results

I’m so incredibly happy with how much my body has changed in only three weeks. The lighting is a little different in each picture but the proof is truly in the numbers. Overall, I’ve lost 8 inches from all my measurements combined and a few items of clothing are fitting a lot better. Surprisingly, I’ve only lost about 3lbs – I definitely think the pictures look like a lot more. I have more energy, my resting heart rate is lower and I’m sleeping so much better too.

The next program I’m planning on doing is Chris Downing’s Shift Shop when it launches next week. Until then, I’ve been doing a mixture of PiYo, the 21 Day Fix and I’m starting to run again. I’ve had a bit of a dodgy knee so I’ve bought some new supportive trainers and a knee strap to help. If you’re wanting to change your body and health, Beachbody is one of the best ways to do it. There are so many programs to choose from and you’re part of a team to make yourself accountable online. It’s a positive environment with other women to encourage and empower you. If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment with any questions you have.