Creating a Beachbody and Running Hybrid Training Plan

With my half marathon just weeks away, I haven’t been able to purely focus on another Beachbody program. To help my endurance and strength, I knew I needed to do something alongside my running plan. Β I’ve created a Beachbody and running hybrid training plan. I wanted to try the new Shift Shop program and also switch back to Sean T’s T25 that I did last time whilst training for a race. I’m sticking to the regular 21 Day Fix nutrition guide but increasing carbs before running.

Set your goals.

I’m not overly fussed with trying to increase my speed massively, I know this will increase naturally. However, I do want to beat my last half marathon official time which was 2:37. I’m already beating my 5km and 10km times, which is a nice little boost as when I’m five weeks away from the starting line. My plan has been to do two smaller runs in the week and a longer one at the weekends. In my third week of training (starting on Monday 21st August) I’ll be increasing this to three smaller ones during the week.

After having a couple of injuries, I’ve been careful not to over exert myself. I found it difficult to do runs on consecutive days to begin with. Although I’ve not incorporated this into my plan, I’m not having many rest days and my fitness and strength has already improved. I don’t have any aches or pains in my hamstrings or hips/groin much now but I have been wearing a knee brace. This is more of a precaution though and generally on my longer weekend runs.

Running T25 Hybrid Current Training Plan

Push yourself but listen to your body.

Before starting, I had set the expectation that I was going to do a Beachbody workoutΒ and a run on some days. This has been really difficult to maintain, not just because of time. The workouts are hard on their own so running afterwards left me fatigued half way through. After the second week, I decided to switch it up a bit more and alternate. On my smaller Monday runs, I’m going to be doing a workout still to start the week but just a general stretch and short warm-up on other days.

Depending how I’m feeling about the length of time I can consistently run for by the start of September, I might alter my plan again. As much as I love doing a Beachbody and running hybrid plan, I might bring more yoga in towards the end. This will not only help me recover as I get closer to race day but strengthen and lengthen my muscles. If I can maintain it, I’ll add yoga in as an extra session each week.

Set yourself mini goals.

So my overall aim is obviously to run a half marathon in a certain amount of time but to get there, I’ve been setting myself smaller goals. I try to stay at no slower than a 10 minutes mile pace which at the moment but tend to run a little faster for shorter ones. For my first six mile run on August 13th, my goal was to do it in one hour. Not only did I smash that, I also ran my fastest 5km in well over a year. I was completely chuffed so it set me up for the rest of the week.

beachbody and running hybrid

So, my Beachbody and running hybrid is currently going well but I will adapt it again if I need to. If you’re going to create your own, just listen to your body. It’s good to feel aches but don’t over do it. Listen to what your body wants and always think positively. I’ve found that running without an “I can do this” attitude often leads to failure before I’ve even started.

I’ll be writing another post closer to the time about the Disneyland Paris races that I’ll be doing. In the mean time, I’m going to be running on behalf of Dementia UK and would love you to check out my Just Giving page to find out what I’ll be doing.

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