Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Since the New Year, I have overall been eating really healthily. I started LDN Muscle again a few months ago but haven’t seen the results that I have wanted this time round. I love the program and I have seen my muscles become more defined and toned but I’m not losing weight any more. I want the smaller waist I used to have and to be able to fit in x, y and z clothes. I know it’s only been a few weeks but I feel like I’m failing at the moment as I want to reach my goal by May. Without letting it get me down, I’ve decided to shake up my routine and see if the positive changes I make will have any difference. I will be incorporating a different kind of routine into my fitness regime combining more cardio with weight training only a few times a week. At my fittest, I was doing THIS routine which was great but I did get bored of it eventually. I’m trying to do a similar style in terms of the cardio and HIIT within this but concentrating the weights on different areas each day with parts of the LDN Muscle plan. I’m aiming for each work out to last approximately 1-1.5 hours each time. I’ve got some simple fitness goals in mind so thought I would share them to keep me motivated.

  1. Gym 4 – 5 times per week.
  2. I generally do this anyway but tend to do a lot of weights and not so much cardio so using the above plan and a few classes I’m hoping to increase the amount of cardio I’m doing each week but just maintain the muscle and tone that I’ve gained with the LDN Muscle plan.

  3. 2 litres of water each day.
  4. I used to always have a large bottle on my desk that I would drink throughout the day but I haven’t been as good with this recently. I get through about a litre and a half easily in the gym but then never as much at work which needs to change.

  5. Eat more fruit.
  6. Eating veg isn’t really an issue for me, I have a large portion for lunch and then a smaller amount for my tea or vice-versa depending on my day and when I am gymming. I rarely eat fruit anymore apart from the odd apple with peanut butter or banana in my smoothie/pancakes. I want to try eating about 3 portions per day and add them into my snacks as I used to eat a lot more.

  7. Swim twice a week.
  8. When I was at my fittest, I always used to do a swim after each gym session. I have started doing this recently but don’t always feel like I have the time so I’m going to actively try to do this on a regular basis, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I have started enjoying it again and it’s a good excuse to use the sauna or steal room afterwards!

  9. Gym classes.
  10. In my last year at university, a lot of my gym sessions were doing classes. I’m going to add in 2-3 a week in order to break my sessions up a little and add a bit of variety into my routine. I always used to take part in Body Pump and Body Combat and I love a good Spin Session. These are an easy way to burn 500kcals in an hour and not something that’s easy to get bored of and walk out half way through!

  11. More running.
  12. Recently, I’ve started doing a few more runs at the end of my workouts or using the treadmills in the gym for a little interval training. As it eventually gets warmer, I want to take these outside and start training properly again. I used to run about 4-10km every other day and I’d like to (hopefully!) take part in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2016. It’s a long way off but still a goal I’d like to work towards.

Hopefully these changes will have a positive impact on my body and I will start seeing more weight loss from having more cardio sessions over just weights. After I’ve reached my goal, I’ll go back onto the LDN Muscle to build a little more muscle and tone as it is an amazing program, I just feel I need a bit more cardio at this moment in time to get to the reach the fitness goals by May.

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