French Toast

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I’m always craving sweet, carb-loaded breakfasts lately and I decided to try and make a healthier alternative to French Toast. I love how easy they are to make and how yummy they taste so I thought I would show you all how I make them.


 2 slices of wholemeal bread
 6 tbsp of egg whites (equivalent of two eggs)
 1 tbsp of desiccated coconut
 sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg
 drop of vanilla essence
 splash of skimmed milk
 1 tsp honey
 1 banana

Now for the yummy part:

  1. 1. Mix the egg whites, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut, milk and vanilla essence together in a dish. I use an oven one as they can fit two slices of bread in side by side more easily.
  2. 2. Pop the two slices of bread into the dish. I often find that the mixture is soaked up more quickly when the bread is microwaved for about 10 seconds beforehand. Turn the slices over after a couple of minutes and let the other side get saturated. I usually make a cup of tea and by the time I’ve done that, it’s ready to be cooked.
  3. 3. Either using some low calorie oil or spray, place the slices on either a hot grill pan or in a frying pan. I find that on a medium heat it cooks better.
  4. 4. Whilst the bread is toasting, I slice up a banana into a bowl and put a bit of honey on it to help my sweet tooth. Remember to turn your toast over!
  5. 5. Once your eggy bread turns a nice, golden-brown colour, it’s ready to be plated up. Cut the slices into triangles and pop them on a plate. Put the honeyed bananas on top and voilĂ ! There you have some healthier, yet incredibly yummy, French Toast for breakfast!
  6. Calories: Approximately 403

    I’d love it if you could let me know if any of you try it out. I sometimes do it without coconut and use berries instead of bananas too. I worked out the calories using MyFitnessPal so if you stick to the same quantities as me, you’ll get pretty much the same nutritional value. Enjoy!