Healthy Alternatives

I imagine that a lot of people that follow my blog have got ‘being healthier’ as one of their New Year Resolutions. I thought I’d share with you some healthy alternatives that I often eat. When eating well, it’s easy to get cravings for sweet things, crisps or just something gooey and generally yummier than some carrot sticks. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to find what does it for you.

Healthy Alternatives

Apples and Nut Butters

I always opt for a green apple as I find them a lot sweeter. This is something I always saw on a health food blogs and Pinterest so decided to try it one day. I was instantly sold and love it as a sweet treat! I tend to use ‘healthy’ nut butters over processed supermarket ones partially because they are so much nicer and partially because they’re better for you. Personal favourites have to be the Nuts ’n More Toffee Crunch Peanut Butter and a recent discovery, the Hognuts Bourbon Vanilla Crunch. This has to be one of my all time favourite healthy alternatives.

Healthy Alternatives

Protein Powder Bakes

These are always a great shout! There are so many books and blogs out there for the best recipes of these. I’ve made a protein cheesecake before, a protein version of my oat banana bread and a few other bits. I often use my Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook or look to the lovely Pamela’s blog for inspiration. There are so many recipes out there it’s just a case of having a look online and once you find one, you’ll find hundreds!

Fruit, Yoghurt and Honey

I have this for a dessert normally after I’ve eaten if I want something to finish it all off. I normally opt for a fat-free plain or Greek yoghurt, topped with some honey and some berries such as raspberries or blueberries. If I’ve got some in the cupboard, I’ll sometimes add some nuts or chia seeds too.

Healthy Alternatives

Crisp Alternatives

I don’t ever really crave crisps but I know it’s a popular snack for some people and there are quite a few great alternatives out there. I have a lot of Protein Bites in the cupboard which are nice but I’ve had them so much I’ve become bored of them. You can often find nice options like houmous chips, quinoa chips, kale chips and more. You can find a variety of these at Win Naturally.

Hot Drinks

Normally I would say I have a coffee but I am trying to reduce the amount of caffeine I’m consuming. I’ve been having Miracle Tree Moringa Teas, peppermint teas and green teas. If I need a bit of a kick of sugar, I’ll add a little bit of honey to them. If I am desperately craving chocolate, I’ll opt for a Cadbury’s Options hot chocolate but I am looking to start having an alternative either using Choc Shot or cacao nibs.

So I hope this has given you a little bit of an insight into what I eat as an alternative to chocolate and biscuits. My favourite has to be the apple and nut butters, for me, that usually hits my cravings on the spot. I do slip up sometimes but I’m only human and everything is best in moderations. Switching to a clean and healthy, non-processed lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.

What are your favourite things to eat as healthy alternatives?