Review: Nike Fuelband SE

As a start to some more fitness inspired posts, I thought I would show you one of the things that I’ve been using to keep my motivation levels up whilst keeping fit. The Nike Fuelband SE has been stuck to my wrist for the past couple of months after my older generation broke and I can happily say that I have become re-obsessed once more with it! There are little things that it does that help you stick to routines or simply just get you off your bum and doing something!

nike fuelband se

The Nike Fuelband basically measures something called fuel (which I shall go into in a moment), how many hours you’ve been moving for, your calories burned, your steps taken and of course, the time. Now what is Nike Fuel I hear you ask? Well, technically, it is made up by Nike and is ‘a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities’ in their words. Basically, the Fuelband tracks your movement whether you’re doing a workout or out on the town. You set yourself a daily goal and have to get to it by midnight. Now for me, this is great as if it’s super low and I know I’m not going to beat it by about 7pm, I’ll get up and go to the gym. I must admit, if I’m only a couple of hundred away though, I’m more like to do star jumps or run around the flat for a few minutes to get my points up. You just have to judge it and set a goal the day before so that you know it’s going to motivate you to get up and do a proper workout.

Personally, I set mine to around 3000 Fuel Points as I know that if I have a full shift I will get that amount by walking to the bus stop, running around at work, then walking back home in the evening. If I go to the gym as well, I know I will get around 5000 points for the day. On my days off though, I try not to change it to less than 3000 as I know then that I will have to go to the gym or do a run to keep my streak (how many days straight you’ve hit your goal).

nike fuelband se

You also get medals for things like beating your most Fuel points in a day, beating a streak, hitting a milestone, etc. You can keep track of these in the app where you can see how all your friends are doing and get a bit more competitive against others. You can also track ‘sessions’ so for example, when I’m in the gym I’ll start a session so that I can track how well I’ve done in that period in comparison to other sessions.

nike fuelband se

It may seem like a bit of a gimmick to some and to a certain extent I agree. However, like I said, it gets me off my bum to go to the gym or something similar so that I can reach my goal and continue my streak. I like feeling like I’m in a bit more control and I love to track what I’m doing so it’s great if you’re like me and do the same with food and exercise.

The Nike Fuelband SE retails at £129.95 and although expensive, I really think it has been worthwhile for me as I am always wearing it. I think of it as a fancy watch that also motivates me! Have any of you used one or something similar? What do you think to it?