Sweet Little Mallows

One of my best friends, Leah, has started up her own business! I’ve always admired the extravagant, intricate cakes that she’s baked and now she’s started making marshmallows and turned it into Sweet Little Mallows! I immediately ordered some for mum’s opening day at Fern Spa and Beauty Therapies in Chocolate Orange, Strawberries and Cream, Coconut Paradise and Lemon Meringue. They certainly went down really well and soon went!

The marshmallows themselves are really fluffy and light and they have so much more texture and flavour than you’re average Flump too. Leah is still introducing more flavours, one of which I voted on and got to try first; Salted Caramel! They were amazing with a caramel centre and just enough salt through them. She’s currently working on Cherry Bakewell I believe so get your orders in!

They’re sold in beautifully packaged bags of nine 1 inch squares and cost £4.50 each or three for £12 + p&p. They are incredibly yummy and perfect for a little treat or as a present for friends. Make sure you check Sweet Little Mallows out and get your orders in, Leah’s getting busy! I thoroughly recommend the Salted Caramel and the Coconut Paradise, my favourites!

Manchester Photographic: Get your SLR off auto!!
Sweet Little Mallows