Yogi Green Chai Tea

I think I might have the biggest love/hate relationship with green tea! I go through phases where I’ll constantly drink it and then weeks where I just can’t stomach it. A friend gave me some Yogi Green Chai Tea a while back and I’ve finally tried it and fallen in love with it completely! The packaging is really cute and each tea bag has some words of wisdom on which is a nice touch every time you have a cup, especially if you want a little boost in moral and health – although this one is a little cheesy!

It’s a perfect tea for through out the day with a tasty blend of green tea, cinnamon, spearmint, ginger and cardamom. It’s such a refreshing taste and I tend to drink it first thing in the morning and in the evening when I get home from work. It gives me a nice little burst of energy so I was surprised when I found out that it’s caffeine free! Green tea is one healthy trend that I find actually really helps. I feel much more healthy, my skin is much better and I generally feel less groggy.

After looking into the Yogi Tea brand, I’ve discovered they have so many different options and flavours of tea available at a pretty decent price on Amazon. I really want to try out the Slim Life Blueberry tea as that’s one of my favourite flavours and I’ve never seen it as a tea, as well as the bedtime one. I’ll often take a mug of camomile tea to bed to relax in the evenings so think I might try this out once I’m in America.

Have you ever tried any teas from the Yogi brand? They all look really nice.