10 Apps That I Can’t Live Without

10 Apps That I Can’t Live Without

Everyone has apps that they can’t live without, whether they’re for blogging, doing your job or travelling. There are ones you use every day and love for various different reasons. I’ve recently upgraded my phone and can do so much more on the go than I could before which is amazing. I’ve got enough memory to have everything I need on it, an absolutely amazing camera and it lasts all day now without the need for a portable charger. It’s also Rose Gold so has my name written all over it but the thing I love the most are these 10 apps that I can’t live without.


I use WordPress on my blog and have since the very beginning. The WordPress app has a really nice user interface and everything looks very neat and clean. I do a bit of blogging on the go now and then but I mainly use the WordPress app to keep an eye on my stats throughout the day.

10 apps that I can't live without


There has obviously been a bit of riot about Bloglovin’ recently but I still think it’s a great platform to read posts from your favourite bloggers. I have mine set so that it doesn’t use the frame and goes straight to the website the post has come from. The Bloglovin’ app is easy to use and you can have notifications for things you really don’t want to miss.


If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been trying out ‘theming’ on my Instagram. I follow so many other accounts that do it and I really love the look of them. The easiest tool I’ve found to do this is with the Planoly app. I edit with VSCO first of all then import them to Planoly. It lets you play around with the order of your photos that you want to put into your Instagram feed. This way, you can make sure the colours fit together and adjust them if they don’t. You can then schedule them which lets the app send you a reminder to post them.

10 apps that I can't live without


After seeing a lot of people mention this app for editing photos, I decided to give it a whirl. I love the different filters it has but I think it’s great as you can add new ones for a small charge. I find it easier to use than the Photoshop app that I had used previously.

My Fitness Pal

I use this pretty much religiously every day at the moment. I’m trying my darn hardest to get back into shape, lose a few pounds and just generally get fitter again. I input all my food into the My Fitness Pal app and make sure I’m sticking to my daily macronutrients and calorie allowance. It also has some great ideas for food and fitness on the main page if you need some inspiration.

10 apps that I can't live without


I’ve always loved Twitter, I find it’s much more personal than any other social media. I put random thoughts on there and don’t have to worry about getting likes and retweets really. It’s not as much as a popularity contest. It’s also a great tool for promoting your blog and meeting other bloggers through different chats.

Nike Run Club

Running is something I’ve always loved but hated. I love setting myself pace and distance goals and always strive to beat them. I can see my progress and the Nike Run Club is one of my favourite apps to track running with. In September, I’m hoping to be going to Disneyland Paris for the first time and running my second half marathon there.

10 apps that I can't live without


This is a favourite but it is truly bittersweet. Timehop links all of your social media together and shows you daily what you’d posted about on the previous years. With spending over a year at Walt Disney World, it can guarantee to bring back some awesome memories each day, even if they can make me sad sometimes.

Sleep Cycle

I go through phases of being able to get up early in the morning but always find it a little easier with the Sleep Cycle app. It monitors your sleep either through the microphone or the accelerometer in your phone. You can see when you were in deep sleep, light sleep or when you were awake through the night and under what conditions (whether you had been stressed/worked out/etc). I also get it to start waking me up around 15 minutes before I need to be up. This way, it helps you to wake up gradually and more naturally.

10 apps that I can't live without


This has been the app that makes scheduling posts the easiest. You can write your updates, include images from posts and search for users or hashtags that you want to include. Buffer is super easy to use and if you’re looking for something that makes scheduling simple, I can’t recommend it enough.

What apps can you not live without?