101 in 1001

101 in 1001

I originally saw 101 in 1001 over on Sarah Hughes “A Mundane Life” and thought that this was a really good idea to do instead of a New Year’s Resolution as such. I’ve never stuck to them and this is more of a checklist of 100 things that I’d love to see myself doing in the next 1001 days. Working this out, this takes me to 28th September 2021 when I’ll be a few months over 30 years old (eek!).

I’ve never been great at setting myself goals. I know I’ve said before that I always setting them as a challenge and fallen quite often in the first couple of weeks. 101 in 1001 seems much more achievable because they are setting longer term goals that have the aim of taking time to get there. They can also be future events or involve more money which isn’t realistic in a short period of time. I’ve divided mine into categories and will keep this post up to date throughout the time. Some of the goals might feature their own blog post if I see fit so I’ll link to them.

Personal Goals

  1. Finally get my pineapple tattoo.
  2. Move in with Curt.
  3. Decorate a home.
  4. Get a dog.
  5. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.
  6. Take a weekend free of technology.
  7. Finish my Disney CRP scrapbook.
  8. Host a dinner party.
  9. Do a random act of kindness.
  10. Ask 20 friends to recommend a book and actually read them.
  11. Send a letter to a friend abroad.
  12. Set up a home office area.
  13. Buy a house.
  14. Create a photo wall.
  15. Take an online course.
  16. Re-watch all of the Harry Potter films
  17. Try a new recipe every month for a year.
  18. Become a manager in my career.
  19. Do something really out of my comfort zone.
  20. Give blood.
  21. Make some curtains.
  22. Host Christmas one year.
  23. Learn to say no to something I don’t want to do.
  24. Economic Goals

  25. Save for a house.
  26. Pay off my credit card.
  27. Put some savings aside for a rainy day.
  28. Gain a secondary income.
  29. Start putting more money into my pension.
  30. Pay off my car.
  31. Fitness Goals

  32. Lower my BMI to a healthy weight range.
  33. Get a new fitness tracker.
  34. Get back to a weight I feel healthy and fit with.
  35. Be happy with how I look on my journey.
  36. Create my own training plan.
  37. Stick to a plan for 66 days.
  38. Join a running club.
  39. Run a 5km race.
  40. Run a 10km race.
  41. Run another half marathon.
  42. Run a full marathon.
  43. Run another Disney Marathon.
  44. Squat my bodyweight.
  45. Consistently walk around 60,000 steps per week for three months.
  46. Go scubadiving.
  47. Go rock climbing.
  48. Go hiking.
  49. Drink 2 litres of water every day for 6 months.
  50. Take a yoga class.
  51. Get personal training.
  52. Travel Goals

  53. Go on holiday with Curt.
  54. Go back to Disney World and stay on property.
  55. Food and Wine Festival in Epcot.
  56. Go snowboarding.
  57. Visit 20 National Trust Sites.
  58. Visit the Lake District.
  59. Go stargazing.
  60. Do an American road trip.
  61. Visit Nashville.
  62. Go to Las Vegas.
  63. Go camping.
  64. Have a weekend away in a European city.
  65. Visit Delaina in Victoria.
  66. Visit Kyle & Agi in California.
  67. Visit Stu & Anna (& the twins!) in North Carolina.
  68. Go to Alton Towers.
  69. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  70. Visit York.
  71. Go to Flag Fen (again).
  72. Drink cocktails looking over the London Skyline.
  73. Learn some key phrases in a different language.
  74. Visit Edinburgh.
  75. Music & Show Goals

  76. Download Festival.
  77. Mutemath (again).
  78. Slipknot (again).
  79. Stone Sour.
  80. Twin Atlantic.
  81. Brothers Osbourne.
  82. Stone Broken (again).
  83. Be front row at an arena concert.
  84. Florida Georgia Line.
  85. Lady Antebellum (again).
  86. Carrie Underwood.
  87. Hamilton.
  88. Come From Away.
  89. The Book of Mormon.
  90. Dear Evan Hanson.
  91. Go to a midnight viewing of a movie.
  92. Blog Goals

  93. Gain a solid secondary income from blogging.
  94. Stick to a content plan for three months.
  95. Blog at least once a week for a year.
  96. Plan photos consistently in advance of posts.
  97. Create a database of images to use when needed.
  98. Take a photography class.
  99. Join WeBlogNorth.
  100. Attend a WBN event.
  101. Set targets for natural engagement.
  102. Go to a blogger meet up.
  103. Collaborate with another blogger.
  104. Actively improve my writing skills.
  105. Put some time and money aside for social promotion.
  106. Be featured on another blog.

I can’t wait to see how my 101 in 1001 goes. Every six months or so I’ll write an update post and there are a fair few that I know will have their own individual posts. If you write your own version or if you’ve already started, please feel free to leave your links to the posts below.

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What would be something you’d like to achieve off my 101 in 1001?