25 Things to Be Grateful for During Lockdown

25 Things to Be Grateful for During Lockdown

I’ve been trying to actively make note of all the little things that I’m grateful for during lockdown. It’s not always easy to see the brighter side of life when everything is a bit up in the air at the moment. If I’m starting my day feeling ‘meh’, I’ll think of three things to be grateful for that day. They can be different each day, or the same. To be honest, I’m thankful for the sun every day it decides to make an appearance.

  1. Sunshine – bright rays of sunshine through your windows.
  2. Rain – no watering our grass growing in the garden.
  3. Home cooking – homemade takeaway food are a fave at the moment.
  4. grateful for during lockdown
  5. Baking – yummy, freshly-baked cookies and brownies.
  6. Midweek luxuries – a bath with a glass of gin watching Netflix or…
  7. Disney+ – all the classics and more.
  8. Long video calls with friends – virtual quizzes galore.
  9. Supporting local businesses – buying from stores or online communities that you maybe didn’t think about before.
  10. Waking up later – no makeup to put on = 30 minutes free. Along with…
  11. No commuting – no thirty-minute train journey.
  12. Going out for walks – we had started doing this before Luna but it’s much better to have a dog by your side.
  13. grateful for during lockdown
  14. Receiving more mail that isn’t bills – birthday cards, deliveries, notes from friends are something I’ll definitely miss.
  15. Helping people in-need – getting my DBS check so that I can volunteer in our local area.
  16. Binge-watching series/films – restarting Sons of Anarchy and The Vampire Diaries.
  17. Doing that thing you’ve been putting off – like sorting the garden, growing grass and upcycling the kitchen.
  18. grateful for during lockdown
  19. People saying hello on walks – this has only usually happened when out hiking.
  20. A sense of community – it’s great to see neighbourhoods coming together.
  21. Spending time with household – being home when Curt is on his late shifts.
  22. More baths – baths to just melt into and relax with candle.
  23. Starting to enjoy running again – something I had fallen out with, the sun has helped too.
  24. No makeup – my skin is loving me for it and so is my bank balance.
  25. Luna cuddles – we wouldn’t have been getting a puppy until summer if lockdown hadn’t happened.
  26. grateful for during lockdown
  27. Trying out new trends – so far I’ve baked bread and made dalgona coffee.
  28. Curling up with a book – feeling like I have more time to enjoy reading.
  29. Seeing children’s pictures up in windows – the rainbow drawings and messages always bring a smile to my face.

It’s so easy to forget that life isn’t all that bad right now. There’s a lot of pressure on us to stay productive and I don’t think there should be. When you’re feeling a little anxious, try noting some of the things that you are well and truly grateful for during lockdown. It’s helped me a little.

What are you grateful for during lockdown?