49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls

So if you love Gilmore Girls as much as I do then you’ve probably watched all four of the new episodes that were released on Netflix on Friday. If you haven’t then warning; THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ‘WINTER’. Sat on the train, I got stuck into the first episode and got experienced some lovely buffering. Every time something would happen, I would get excited or get the feels so decided to give you my thoughts whilst watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life . I didn’t want to do this for every episode because I wanted to just enjoy it but with it pausing every so often, it was the perfect opportunity for the first.

49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls.

  1. Aw Richard’s voice.
  2. Snow!
  3. How do Rory and Lorelai still look so young and pretty?!
  4. Kirk has a pig… That’s new.
  5. 49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls 1

  6. “It smells like snow” <3
  7. Is that the same troubadour?! Yes!
  8. I’m so excited to see Luke’s Diner
  9. Dat shirt and baseball hat.
  10. Paul? Who the hell is Paul?
  11. He is not Rory’s type.
  12. Weirdo.
  13. This is strange with mentions of technology.
  14. Ooooh, they have a Mac now.
  15. 49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls 2

  16. Richard, my heart aches.
  17. Yay! Actually great to see Taylor return
  18. Kirk is actually more attractive in this. Minus his personality.
  19. Michel is married! Yay LGBT rights have been slipped in.
  20. I’m so happy he’s out in this series.
  21. New chef? Where is Suki?!
  22. Social media mentions also really bizarre.
  23. The jeep has survived!
  24. 49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls 3

  25. Lorelai’s smile is the greatest.
  26. Emily looks fabulous as per.
  27. That painting.
  28. Oh god, it’s the funeral and I’m sat on a train.
  29. I’m going to cry.
  30. It’s happening, I’m welling up. Stop.
  31. Jason looks awful, he has not aged as well as the others.
  32. Aw, Lorelai and Emily hugging.
  33. Oh no, Lorelai, stop.
  34. Stop crying.
  35. Why is Kirk at Emily’s?
  36. Those children are creepy.
  37. Rory is 32?! HOW?
  38. 49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls 4

  39. Luke is literally the most perfect man.
  40. I so want Luke and Lorelai to have a baby together!
  41. Paris, yes woman! Sass.
  42. Paris helps people find a surrogate for a living?!
  43. NPH!
  44. I didn’t know part of it was set in London, I wish I’d seen them filming!
  45. Rory’s apartment is beautiful.
  46. 49 Thoughts Whilst Watching Gilmore Girls 5

  47. Oh my god!!! Huntzberger!!!
  48. I like the new Rory, she is completely sassy and I love it.
  49. Top breeders, so cringe Paris.
  50. Doyle and Paris have children?!
  51. Paul is so vanilla and beige.
  52. Emily is wearing jeans and a baseball top, that’s not weird at all.
  53. Paul Anka <3
  54. Oooh I can’t wait to see Lorelai and Emily having therapy together.

I’m not sure what everyone’s thoughts are on these kind of posts but I love them. I’ve waited for months for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and it’s everything I hoped it to be and more. I grew up watching it and was so gutted when it finished. It still something I watch in the evenings and I probably watch it as much, if not more, than Friends. I love the characters and find them so relatable, especially as I was only a few years younger than Rory when it was on. I love a good GIF so sorry, not sorry for them in this post. They’re a fun way to break up text.

What were your thoughts whilst watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?