5 Places I Want To Visit

As a lot often do, I can honestly say I suffer with wanderlust – a strong desire to travel. I love the UK and Manchester in particular but I love travelling. I think that’s partially why I wanted to go back to Disney, I know it’s not especially moving around but living somewhere new and exciting and meeting so many people is the reason I love doing it. It’s the reason I stayed at Apple so long, coming across so many different nationalities in one place. I’ve narrowed down to 5 places I want to visit whilst I’m out in Florida. A lot are for historical reasons from the geek inside me!


New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the things I’m drawn to here is the music, culture and the history that New Orleans is steeped in. I really want to go to a Mardi Gras party, but something more than anything, I love anything to do with vampires. Although supposedly fiction, there are a lot of legends that suggest that the undead have often settled in New Orleans.


Las Vegas, Nevada

The lights and sights say it all really. The land of glitz and gambling. I’ve had a few friends visit and one of my best friends lives out there so I will definitely be visiting whilst I’m State-side. One of the things I love about America is how big buildings and landmarks are so where better to see the sites than in Vegas?


San Francisco, California

I’ve always wanted to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, one of my favourite films when I was younger was Homeward Bound (Try watching the ending without crying http://youtu.be/9mtZhEiH2Zg) and was set in a and around San Francisco. I would have loved to go to Apple HQ too but don’t think there’s as much point now that I don’t work for them! I’ll fingers crossed be visiting a friend out there too so I’ll have my own guide to the city.


Miami, Florida

I never got chance to go to Miami when I was in Orlando for the summer so it’s something that I definitely want to happen this time. There aren’t many beaches close to where I’ll be living but I really want to head down to the South of Florida for some sand, sun and sea (and cocktails!)


Memphis, Tennessee

Something that you have possibly noticed, especially more recently, is that I love country music. So many artists that I listen to have come from this area so would love to go and experience it for myself. I really want to visit the famous Beale Street, The Pink Palace and, of course, Graceland; The Home of Elvis Presley.

Fingers crossed this is a potentially realistic list as I’m there for 16 months. I went to Key West and New York last time and would love to visit there again but there are just so many other place I want to go to before I got back to the same places. Where are your top places that you want to visit?