5 Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

5 Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

Do you ever go through phases of either not really binge-watching anything or binging one series after another? I’ve been doing the latter quite a bit recently, especially as I’ve been a little under the weather. There are so many great programs across all the streaming platforms that sometimes it’s hard to make a choice. Here are 5 shows I’ve been watching in July that I can’t get enough of!

  1. The Chef Show

    I’ve binged the entire series of this already! It is only eight episodes so not too much to handle! It stars Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi and is ultimately a cooking show with celebrity guests. It doesn’t specifically show you recipes detail by detail but you get the gist of them and I’ve already tried a few things. It’s a spin-off from the film “Chef” and incorporates them recreating the dishes from this.
  2. Download Highlights

    Reliving one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to on Sky Arts. We’re not in any videos as far as we can see, which is possibly a saving grace.
  3. Pretty Little Liars

    I know this is an oldie but I love it so much. It’s been so long since I last watched it so I restarted it more like background noise as you do with Friends. Hooked once again, I tend to watch a couple of episodes when I’m blogging or if Curt isn’t around.
  4. Vikings

    Love this show! We’re on the third season and keep dipping in and out. It’s something you have to watch properly so that you don’t miss anything important. I’ve been told it does take a turn for the worst a few seasons in but so far, it’s great. I thought for a while that the main character was Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) but it’s not; just another blue-eyed, blonde-haired, rugged man.
  5. Black Mirror

    Again, these are something we like to watch if we don’t have enough time to watch a movie but want something more than just a series putting on. We have one left of the latest season and even though they’re not as good, they’re still epic. The Miley Cyrus featured one is great and terrifies me a little at the same time. They’re always quite close to the bone in terms of what the future could hold, especially in terms of technology.

What shows have you been watching recently?