5 Times I’ve Never Felt More Adult

Do you ever have those moments in life where you just think “Wow, I’ve never felt more adult than I have right now”? I feel like I only finished university a year or two ago when it was actually seven! I thought I’d share some of the times that I’ve had that strange realisation that I am a grown-up now!

  1. Setting up a Help-to-Buy ISA

    I’ve always dreamed of owning a house but I’d never taken steps towards it until a few years ago. Actively putting money into an account for that very reason gave me so actionable steps towards turning a dream into a goal.
  2. Buying a fridge-freezer

    Making the decision to buy a decent fridge-freezer. Our old fridge wasn’t broken (yet!) but it was way too small and really un-efficient. To be fair, Curt did this more than me, I just went along with the one that he chose.
  3. Getting a puppy

    Buying a puppy was such a big step into the world of adulthood! Having another living thing to look after and care for that’s not Curt or I has given me a new sense of achievement. Watching her learn different commands is so rewarding.
    5 Times I've Never Felt More Adult 1
  4. Leaving a job I was comfortable in to take on a new challenge

    This was probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I loved my old job but felt unchallenged and wanted more from my career. It meant leaving after three years of client relationships and some of my best friends.
  5. Realising that if I want change, I have to do more

    No one gets their goals in life by just sitting around and waiting for something to happen. If you want to change, you need to make it happen. If your dreams for where you’ll end up in five years time don’t have actions behind them, they’re never going to come to fruition.
    felt more adult

Do you ever get those moments of realisation where you realise how grown up you are? I feel like it quite often at the moment and it’s really empowering. Childhood is very far behind me and I can handle whatever is thrown in front of me.