6 Things I Miss Since Being in Lockdown

6 Things I Miss Since Being in Lockdown

Despite the obvious things like seeing friends and family, there are 6 things I miss since being in lockdown that I never really thought I would. I don’t think I realised how many things I took for granted before we couldn’t do them. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot more to appreciate when normality starts to resume.

  1. Getting the Train
  2. I definitely never thought I would miss getting the train to work! It’s not something I miss every day but definitely one of the things I miss since being in lockdown. Getting the train was my thirty minutes to me in the morning where I would listen to my podcasts, write or just have my morning coffee in peace.

  3. Big Nights Out
  4. Again, something I don’t do very often and most of the time, I think it’s a lot more effort than it’s worth. But, I can’t wait until we’re out the other side and I can dust off my heels, my lashes and a dress and go out. I know this is probably still a while off yet but we can only hope it will be within the next few months.

  5. The Gym
  6. I had a love/hate relationship with the gym just before lockdown. Feeling at a loss with my routine and thought switching gyms would help to motivate me. I had just started getting back in the swing of things and was building up the confidence to go swimming. Fast forward to the present day; I’ve never wanted to go for a sweaty workout, a swim and a steam/sauna in my life.
    6 Things I Miss Since Being in Lockdown 1

  7. Browsing Shops
  8. Do you remember when you could just go to the shops, retail or other, to just have a look? Or take your time browsing the aisles? I miss that a lot. If I was ever having a quiet day but I just wanted to get out and do something, I’d pop to New Look and see what was in.. I still try and do this occasionally with a walk but there’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy.

  9. Coffee Shops
  10. There’s nothing I enjoy more than on a Saturday afternoon than sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop and blogging. I don’t do it very often but love it when I get that time to myself. I didn’t think I’d miss it after getting a decent coffee machine at home but I really do. There’s a completely different atmosphere in a coffee shop and I find it so much easier to concentrate. And a homemade baked good is always nice on the side of a latte!

  11. Casual Drinks
  12. I miss going for casual, unplanned drinks with my friends or Curt. Just a quiet pint in a beer garden on a sunny day. Or a gin and tonic in the corner of a busy pub.
Things I Miss Since Being in Lockdown

There’s a lot everyone misses, seeing our loved ones being the most predominant. The above are six things I miss since being in lockdown that I never even considered that I would. It goes to show that sometimes it’s the small mundane, every day things are little bits of freedom we enjoy the most.