7 Tools To Help You Blog

7 Tools To Help You Blog

After blogging for a while now, there are different apps, websites and programs that I use in order to make the process simpler. There are lots of posts like this online but it’s always nice to see what someone uses and works for them. I always like to see so that I can try out new things and see if it works for me too. I’ve come up with the ones I use on a daily basis so thought I’d share what I think are the best tools to help you blog.

  1. IFTTT.com – IF This Then That. The best way to describe the site is a recipe builder for your social media. For example, I’ve made a formula that posts my Instagram photos as an image on Twitter as well as a link to the original. You can do so much with it, it’s just a case of playing around with what’s available and seeing what works best.
  2. Tweetdeck – A lot of people like to use Hootsuite or similar to schedule their tweets but I prefer to use Tweetdeck. It’s really simple to schedule tweets with and you can see them all in one list. You can also create your own columns to view single feeds from hashtags or specific users too. I generally always have a #bbloggers one to look over every so often.
  3. W3Schools – I like to use this site to look up HTML codes that I’m not familiar with. If you search how to do specific things on Google, this site is generally in the top three links. It’s a great database and shows you step my step how to use the HTML and the effect it gives.
  4. Canva – Ever wonder where some bloggers create their feature images or ever wanted to make an infographic easily? Try Canva, it’s so easy to use and has so many different layouts to play around with. You can use your own images or they have some stock ones too. It’s great for social media if you want to have the correct sizes for images and keep the same formatting for your graphics.
  5. The WordPress App – Having the app on my iPhone means I can blog on the go and quickly check page views and other stats. I can also fix any mistakes that I’ve missed swiftly and approve and reply to comments straight away. You can’t do everything that you can on the website but the majority of the important bits, you can.
  6. Bloglovin’ – I think it’s become pretty obvious that most people use Bloglovin’ as a way of following other people and keeping track of what’s going on. I’ve never used Blogger, so have generally always used this platform so with the death of GFC, I was never really bothered. It’s a great way to search and find reviews and with it, discover new blogs to fall in love with. The app is also great for reading and catching up on the go with a really clean user interface.
  7. OS Photos – The Photos app that comes with a Mac is the easiest way to edit photos. It’s simple but you can now do much more editing than you could with its predecessor iPhoto. I simply export my photos to my desktop so that they are a suitable size for web. I also like how nicely everything can be organised into albums but you can still view all of your photos together if you want to.

So there you have it, my favourite tools to help you blog. There are lots of different sites and apps out there that can help you blog more effieciently but these are what I find most useful.

What do you use to help you blog the most?