Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes

A few weekends ago I was finally lucky enough to see one of my best friends, Jen from Disney. I hadn’t seen her since she finished her program in February 2016 – although it felt like much longer! A three and a half hour drive to South Wales was completely and utterly worth it to see her.

I actually took a fair amount of photos for once. I’ve recently got a new phone so I’m trying to document my days out more. I don’t want to take away from living in the moment, but I want more physical memories! For me, I love having photos to flick through and remind me of my adventures. One of my favourite apps that I have on my phone is Timehop, although it can be fairly bittersweet at the best of times.

After a mini catch up with some homemade Welsh cakes on the sofa, we headed out to a place called Mumbles. As you can tell by our hair, it was a little windy to say the least. We came accross a cute little cafe on the pier and had another coffee and filled each other in on our lives. We attempted to walk on the promenade but our umbrellas didn’t quite cut it.

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 1

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 2

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 3

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 4

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 5

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 6

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 7

Despite the typically British weather we had to put up with, Jen gave me a little driving tour of Port Talbot and Swansea. We managed to see a castle whilst getting pushed by the wind and these cute little rainbow houses. I’m thoroughly in love with the pink one! We grabbed some tapas in a place called Brewstone Bar before heading back to Jen’s for some prosecco and an evening of Disney movies.

The next day, after eating a few more Welsh cakes, we headed over to Cardiff to visit St Fagan’s National History Museum. It’s a living museum which means that you can walk round the buildings on the site. They range from Celtic times to modern day and were moved brick-by-brick to the site. If you’ve got children, it’s a great place to take them as it’s so engaging. There are even some cows and lambs to keep them entertained too.

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 8

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 9

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 10

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 11Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 12

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 13

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 14

Coffee, Cwtches and (Welsh) Cakes 15

We wandered round the gardens of St Fagen’s Castle – a beautiful Elizabethan manor. Without even realising, it was the afternoon and we were getting really peckish. There was a pub nearby that had some great, traditional pub-grub so we filled our tummies there.

Before I knew it, my weekend with Jen in Wales was coming to an end. It was such a lovely weekend but went far too quickly. I was sent off with some Welshcakes and a home made pasty from Jen’s mum. I can now say that I am now thoroughly addicted to them so will have to go back soon to get some of the homemade delights.