April Goals

April Goals

It’s finally April, one of my favourite months because it’s my birthday! Sadly, I’m not going to be doing a road trip through Georgia and South Carolina this year but I do have a couple of plans underway. With a little rebrand, I’ve got a couple of new April goals for blogging that I’d really like to achieve. I’ve also been doing a new fitness and eating routine so I’ve set some more realistic goals for that.

Fitness Goals

I hit a bit of a wall doing LDN Muscle; it’s really intense and I enjoy cardio too much right now. Reaching my goal weight has become a bit of a struggle and I wanted to try something new. I’ve started personal training sessions with James Dacey and have been incorporating a lot of different types of interval training into my routine. With the weather getting better I’ve also been running more and improving my pace. I want to take part in the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon in September this year. So with all the adjustments to my diet and workouts, I’m hoping to achieve the following goals by the start of May

  1. Lose 2% body fat.
  2. Run 10km at a pace of 9’45”.
  3. Notice my body physically changing for myself.

I don’t think these are unrealistic and if I keep working hard I’ll get there. One of the hardest things I’ve found so far is not snacking on naughty foods at work. I’ve switched biscuits, chocolates and cakes for nut bars, cottage cheese, fruit and as much water as humanly possible. I manage to get in about 2-3 litres a day atm and I’ve switched to green and peppermint teas apart from my first coffee of the day.

Blog Goals

As most of you will have noticed, I had a rebrand last month. I constantly fall in and out of love with blogging and the main thing was because I didn’t like mine aesthetically. After searching for a while, I found a theme that I loved and bought it. I‘ve upgraded my servers as well because the one I was on was fairly slow. I’m trying to up my game from a photography aspect, I’m slowly but surely theming my Instagram and I’ve given into the marble flat lay backgrounds that I see and adore. My blog schedule has become much more strict and taking priority and I’m starting to get my head around a social planner. I wanted to set some blog goals that I can look at and actively work towards.

  1. Stick to my blog post plans.
  2. Get to my following goals.
  3. Become a more active member of the community.

One of the things I loved about blogging at university was the community that came along with it. I used to take part in a lot of chats and I’ve made some great blogging friends in Manchester. Being more active on social media not only helps you meet other bloggers but promotes your blog for free. I’m engaging more on social media with others and it’s great to feel a part of something again.

I think this is the first ‘goal’ related post I’ve written with achievable aims. It’s great to set really optimistic ones but you always feel like you’ve let yourself down a bit if you don’t meet them. I’ve set myself things that will be a challenge and that I will have to work hard for but if all things go to plan, they will be achieved by May.

Have you set any goals for April?