8 of the Best Things We’ve Bought for our Puppy

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Some of the best things we’ve bought for our puppy aren’t even too expensive. I’m definitely no expert but there are a few things we’ve got for Luna that we simply couldn’t live without now. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, I would thoroughly recommend the following items to make training and life a bit easier.


After reading and watching a lot of videos and articles, we decided to crate train Luna. We had seen a lot of information around toilet training being easier and quicker when using a crate. The pup also has a space to call their own and make a den area. We also don’t have a door between our kitchen and hallway so it was a bonus safety feature for when we leave her on her own.

She has taken to it so well! From the first night, there was no crying, only occasionally when we put her in during the day. This is mainly because I am working from home at the moment and I don’t want it to be a shock when I’m not around during the day. Very often she’ll now take herself off to her crate for a nap when she’s tired. We’ll always leave the door open when she takes herself off.

Fixed Bowls

Best Things We've Bought for our Puppy

Something we learnt within the first few days was that Luna liked to pick up a full bowl of water and trot off with it. Now, the first few times, this is funny. When it happens every time she’s had some water, it get’s annoying! Likewise, with a bowl in her crate that soaks her bed.

Bounce & Bella Treats

There’s a few treats that Luna likes but the fish Bounce & Bella treats are definitely her favourites. We take these on her walks a lot to train her to sit and wait when we need to cross the road. If there are other dogs or people around, they’re not always enough to gain her attention which is where the next item on the best things we’ve bought for our puppy comes into play.

8 of the Best Things We've Bought for our Puppy 1

Dried Duck Fillets or Similar

These were super cheap and we got them from The Range but I’ve seen them in a few pet and home stores, or on Amazon. They’re a bit like beef jerky but for dogs. Sometimes when there are a lot of distractions on a walk like people or other dogs, Luna won’t listen to us. Understandable considering she’s only 15 weeks old but we still need to train her. I’ll use these chopped up duck fillets and she will mostly do what we say.


With my German Shepherd, Kelly, growing up, we used a clicker every time we gave her a treat. The idea is that they associate that sound with something good and it can help when training her off the lead. We’ve started doing this with Luna and it has helped a lot when we’re trying to get her attention.


When your puppy is teething, you will definitely know about it! There are a few toys that she likes to nibble on but this antler has been by far the best thing we’ve bought. She’s had it for almost a month and has only nibbled through a tiny corner of it. Well worth the money!

Harness for the Car

We started trying to have Luna on the back seat whilst we were driving but she’s too much of a distraction as she tries to be with us in the front. We’ve since started putting her in the boot with a harness attached to a headrest whilst she’s still getting used to it. She can’t jump over so there’s less of a distraction driving and it ads some peace of mind to us for her safety. I think items like this are often forgotten about and it’s definitely one of the best things we’ve bought for our puppy.

Soft Toy from Litter

Ok so this is something you can’t really buy but need to think about in advance. Our breeder was lovely enough to supply us with a small soft toy that all the puppies had been around. It helped to acclimatise her to out house and settled her the first night along with a blanket that smelled like her family. It doesn’t even have to be something you be especially, you could give your breeder and old towel to smell like the rest of the litter.

There are so many things you need to buy, but these are the eight of the best things we’ve bought for our puppy Luna so far. No matter how many things you prepare yourself with before getting a dog, there will always be things you’ve forgotten. There will also be things that help someone else’s pup but not yours. Try different things and share what’s helped keep your fur-baby happy with other new pet parents.