How to Get Bikini Body Ready

Step 1 to getting your bikini body ready:

Put a bikini on.

From someone who has been up and down with their weight and tried every diet out there for the good part of ten years, I can finally say “I’m over it.” In the last six months or so, I’ve found it really difficult staying focussed on the numbers on the scales. How do you go about getting bikini body ready? Just enjoy living in your own skin and look at it in a positive way. It wasn’t until I went to Marbella in May that I realised I actually like the way I look right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are and always will be areas I want to improve but when I have pictures taken recently, I like what I see.

It took a lot of courage for me to post a bikini body picture, curves and all, from when I went to Marbella. The response I got from it was incredible and made me so happy. My confidence in my own skin has rocketed and I am becoming more and more comfortable. I still love my fitness and cooking but I’ve started to concentrate on what I can see in my reflection ratherΒ than the number on the scales.

Bikini season has always been a fear of mine; wearing one with my pasty skin and body with all its lumps, bumps and curves. But not this time. I haven’t ever felt as confident as I have been in the last few months. After years of not accepting my body for how it looks, it’s incredibly nerve-wracking to post something like this. So here’s how to get bikini body ready; put one on and be proud of who you are and how you look.

bikini body ready

This was a pretty unexpected purchase to be honest. I think most girls I know have felt personally victimised by the sizes in H&M. Taking a size 14 into the changing rooms, I never thought I’d come out beaming. I was fully prepared to buy a 16, I just want to feel comfortable and that I wasn’t squeezing into something that was too small. I was over the moon that the 14 bottoms (similar here) and top fit perfectly.

The bikini bra feels really supportive as there aren’t any clasps at the back which I didn’t think I’d be too fond of initially. The material is fairly thick and doesn’t feel like there are going to be any boob spillages happening or free the nip style adverts if it gets chilly. Not that I’m bothered by that, but thought it was useful to know in case you are. The bottoms are snug but without being too small but are fairly high-rise but nothing like the ones I’ve seen showcased in some stores. They had a high-waist version too if that’s something you prefer.

bikini body ready

This is the photo I took in Marbella that boosted my confidence. I’ve had these bottoms for about five years and I don’t think they’ve ever been worn! I have never been confident enough wearing them as they are slightly Brazilian/cheeky but I’m in love with them now! I’ve paired them up with this Tesco Leopard Print Bikini topΒ which is completely out of stock now apart from the bottoms here.Β I adore this combination and think it’s something that’s really ‘me’ and helps me to feel like I’m rocking the bikini body. The only downside I find is that the clasp is quite small and I worry that it will pop open, but so far, so good. Another accidental purchase from when I went home to my mums one weekend and forgot a bikini top for the hot tub!

bikini body ready

This is a bikini that I bought from Victoria’s Secret whilst living in Orlando. I don’t really remember every wearing the top, partially as I got it in the outlet and the strap was missing. I’ve always been self-conscious in the bottoms as they were a little snug but I’ve grown to like them. They have a much fuller bust and thicker band if you’re looking for something less skimpy. The top I love and was ideal for tanning pre-wedding so that I could avoid getting any strap marks! It’s just a tie-up at the back so again, was worried it might slip down but it hasn’t. I love Victoria’s Secret swimwear but it’s so expensive over here! Definitely worth a haul when you find an outlet in the USA though.

bikini body ready

A staple black bikini. These again are a mix of brands. The bottoms are from Primark a few weeks ago and cost a whopping Β£2.00. I don’t think I even went in for swimwear but this is what that place does to me. They have such an amazing swimwear range right now! The top is an older one and one I tend to use for tanning as it has thin ties instead of a band. This bikini top is from H&M too and they bring this one out every year it seems. It’s a push up one so gives you that added voompf if you’re curvy like me. If it boosts your assets and your confidence, then why not?

bikini body ready

Finally, the last swimsuit and it’s a one piece; another New Look purchase from a few years ago. You can find very similar ones online still but not this specific ones. If you don’t think you have the confidence to pull off ‘bikini body ready’ yet or you don’t like them, that’s ok. Find something that you’re comfortable in. Swimsuits have made a come back this year and there are so many amazing ones in stores at the moment.

I love this swimsuit but I had a bad experience when I first wore it. Imagine a wave pool when there’s nothing keeping those nips in… So I pretty much have never worn it. I took it to Santorini with me and I’ve finally managed to get some decent use out of it. It’s fairly low-cut but I’d suggest if you buy anything similar, go down a size so that it’s tighter on top. Or grab a safety pin if you’re going to be jumping in and out of the pool!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Getting bikini body ready doesn’t have to be daunting; everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. Just put your swimsuit on and act with confidence, you’ll soon see the difference it makes.