Blog Post Inspiration

Blog post inspiration

We’ve all had those days, weeks even months sometimes where we just haven’t been able to find the inspiration to blog. I’ve been on a roll since coming back and I am absolutely having my mojo back so to speak. I’ve been doing different things to keep my writing fresh and I’ve been getting my drive from different places. Sometimes everything flows nicely but other times, it’s great to draw on different sources for a blog post inspiration. There are different places I get mine from, the following are just a few examples.


I read my feed on Bloglovin most days to try and stay up to date. If I ever come across a post I really like, especially lifestyle posts, I’ll often write down a keyword for it to help me remember. A few days later, I’ll look through everything I’ve written down and then create my own titles for them. This way, you can put your own spin on them. I would never copy something that’s unique to a blogger, what we write is important to us and that wouldn’t be fair. It’s more for general ideas to get your juices flowing and if you think you have an interesting topic to add.


Pinterest is one of the best places for motivation! It’s one of the last apps I use at night and one of the first I look at in the morning. I have a board that I pin blogging tips and inspiration too. You can find some great links and infographics on blog post inspiration, improving your writing, WordPress help, image editing and so much more. Definitely worth browsing to help you when you’re struggling.

Blog Post Inspiration


I use magazines in two ways; one like I use Bloglovin by writing down keywords from articles that I enjoy. The other is to find out local events that interest me and fit in with plans. I’ll then pop along with my camera to see if I can get a great post out of it, even if it’s just to say what I got up to. Market fairs are always good for these.

Looking Around You

This may sound really obvious but I’ll often forget about things I’ve bought and either not used, or not blogged about. You could include everyday things too like something you cook or bake, your morning routine, favourite tv shows, accessories you always turn to and more. It’s just a case of staying in tune with what you’re doing and thinking about whether it would be something your readers would enjoy.

Blog Post Ideas From Others

I’m sure you’ve seen posts along the lines of; 50 Autumn Themed Posts, 20 Ideas for Beauty Bloggers and other similar titles. They are literally giving you a list of ideas! Tick off the ones you like, change the theme to fit with your blog, adjust it to you. I’ll pop ideas into my editorial calendar and then play around with them. Your ideas can really start to flow with these so they are a great place for a lot of different types of blog post inspiration.

Well I hope this helps at least one of you when you’re lost for motivation on your blog. Just remember, it’s sometimes refreshing to take a break from writing. Take time for yourself and make sure that blogging doesn’t become a chore. It should be fun for you and not a pain in the butt!

Where do you get your blog post inspiration from when you’re lost for words?