What I Learned From Blogtober

What I Learned From Blogtober

So I think I made a solid effort at Blogtober! I didn’t make it blogging every day, I knew I wouldn’t; I have a full-time job and I’m not always the best at doing things weeks in advance. However, I’ve blogged more than ever before and for the most part, I’ve really enjoyed it. I thought I’d share what I’ve learned from Blogtober and how I think it’s helped me.

Using an Editorial Calendar

With blogging every day, it’s really important to plan as much as you can in advance. I used a calendar plugin for WordPress that shows a month at a time and lets you add in posts. It’s really simple to use and you can drag and drop posts around. Everything is laid out in plain view and it makes life that little bit easier. You can also to do something called ‘Quick Edit’ that I would write notes in. I’d then come back to this and write it in one go.

Writing in Advance is Imperative

I’m very much the kind of person where I’ll complete a blog post the night before I want it to go out. This isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you don’t usually blog every day. I realised that I can do batch blog posts at the weekend and just how important it is to take a bulk load of photos. If I had a busy weekend, like when I went home, I found it really difficult to keep up as it’s so time-consuming. I decided that it wasn’t worth the stress.There were a few other days I hadn’t planned in advance and became really ill so couldn’t catch up.

Take Photos in Bulk

One of the hardest things to keep up with at the moment is taking photos. Nights are getting dark early and I’m having to make more of a plan of photos I need before the weekend hits. If I couldn’t get a post finished in time, it was usually because I hadn’t got a decent photo to use. I’ve started writing a list mid week of what I want so that when the sunshine comes at the weekend, I’m ready. Something else I utilised was free to use images. I’ve never done this before but as long as you have the rights, they are a great tool to use.

blogtober stats

Your Stats Will Improve Dramatically

If you’re posting everyday, stat improvements will happen naturally. You have more content and people will see your links more often. This can be addictive but I don’t think the amount of people that read your blogs should be a reason to do it. It’s nice and it’s really motivating but for me, it’s not a popularity contest. I have goals set up on Google Analytics that to see how many people are on my site for longer than two minutes. This is something I want to try and improve over the next few months.

You Need To Put More Effort Into Social Media

Scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts is one of my biggest hates and pet peeves. I find it really tedious and it takes up a lot of time and effort. It really helps to promote your posts though. I can sometimes forget to post them on social because I’m busy and only the automatic social links are shared. I’ve put together a plan since and try to recycle some posts that I know people like to read.

I suppose these are all things that help make a blog successful but these have been drilled into me even more now. Blogging is something I love and I really don’t want it to become a chore again. I started because I love beauty and loved writing so tied the two together. I’m constantly trying to improve so Blogtober was a great tool to use to do this. Would I do it again? Probably, yes. I enjoyed it I just don’t think I anticipated quite how much time and effort has to be put into it. Next time, preparation will be key next time. The summer might be a better time to plan another as the light is better for so many photos.

Have you ever participated in Blogtober? What are your thoughts?