5 Girl Bosses You Should Be Following

In celebration of International Women’s Day (whoop!), I thought I’d do a shout-out post to all the girl bosses who have been inspiring me so much recently. First up is Kat Horrocks who I’ve followed… View Post

5 Favourite Disney Inspired Shops

As you all know, I love Disney. However, I’m really not a massive fan of anything really tacky, garish and in your face unless I’m in the parks. I’d much rather purchase an Etsy alternative… View Post

5 Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

Do you ever go through phases of either not really binge-watching anything or binging one series after another? I’ve been doing the latter quite a bit recently, especially as I’ve been a little under the… View Post

Waxy Official Snap Bars

I came across Waxy Official snap bars on Instagram a few weeks ago and saw their Black Coconut scent which I immediately had to have. I’m an absolute sucker for scented candles and wax melts… View Post

Finding Time to Relax in a Busy Week

We all have those weeks that feel like they’re never going to end but not long enough at the same time. Finding time to relax in a busy week can be difficult but for me,… View Post