7 Things for 7 Days

7 Things for 7 Days

7 Things for 7 Days 1So after not such a great success on my first attempt, I have decided on a few more things that I wish to achieve this week. I’m going to try and do them all within the seven day span and blog about it this time next week and tell you all how I’ve got on. So here’s to the next week.

1.Sorting through my room. I’m moving house soon (yay!!) but I have a fair few bits I need to sort through, mainly clothes and beauty bits as I don’t think I really want to bring all my junk to my new house. If I can at least start the organising, when it comes to moving, it wont be so stressful!

2.Magazines. I have a pretty bad habit of buying magazines, flicking through them but not actually reading them properly. I need to read them!! Or at least look at the main articles otherwise there was no point in buying them.

3.The Hunger Games. With my newly reignited love for reading, I have been reading The Hunger Games I’m currently on the 13th chapter of the last book so aim to finish it in the next week. I’m thinking of doing a book blogpost every time I finish a book or a series so if you have any recommendations on what to read next, let me know in your comments!

4.Running. My exercise routines have started to become a bit more consistant and I’ve started running on the treadmill once more. I want to reach a new goal, either beat my quickest run or run further than my longest. If anyone has Nike+, feel free to add me, my username is MissDanielle.

5.Water. I go through phases where I don’t drink a lot through the day. I used to fill up a litre bottle of water or squash in the morning and drink it through out and then refill it. I need to get back in the habit of doing this if I’m going to kickstart my health plan.

6.Fruit. Eating my 5-a-day has never been a strong habit of mine. I want to start trying to have 5 portions a day, with breakfast and as snacks.

7.Actually doing the above. Ok, maybe a bit of a cop out but in order for this to actually have a purpose, I need to stick to the time frame of seven days. Wish me luck!!

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