7 Things for 7 Days Rework

7 Things for 7 Days Rework

7 Things for 7 Days Rework 1It’s been just over a week so it’s time that I updated you all on how I’ve done. I’m at home at the moment and I’ve forgotten my camera lead so I can’t put up any beauty posts as they will be photoless! Boo!

1. Start looking into my dissertation research books.
I’ve actually started! Not an incredible amount so far but the research is well on it’s way. I’m still in the process of choosing a time period but I’ve narrowed it down to either the 1st World War or the end of the Victorian period so I just need to do some more general research now so that I know exactly what to talk to my tutor about when I start back in a couple of weeks.

2. Get up and go.
I’ve been better with this, if I’ve had a day off but not had anything planned, I’ve been getting out of the house and going to a coffee shop or similar to do my blogging etc. I think this will get better when I have more things to do like uni work.

3. Blog sale/Giveaway.
I’ve got a little basket of items ready to put in a sale and I’ve chosen a couple of bits to do for a giveaway. I want to get to a particular number of followers before post it though as I’d like people to read my blog because they want to before I do competitions. I’ve got a number in mind though so get following here!

4. Vlogging.

I’m going to be doing a haul video next but I’m just waiting until next week to film it as I get paid soon and there are a few other bits that I want to get and show you all rather than doing two separate videos so preparation has begun for that too.

5. More time for me.
No more baths yet, however I’ve just bought a few more bath bombs and I have been in the sauna and jacuzzi a bit more at the gym. I’ve also been lighting my candles a bit more which gives a nice relaxing atmosphere.

6. Getting fit.
Last Wednesday I had my reset session at the gym and I have started interval training! It’s definitely pushing me and I can feel every minute of it the next day! I’m going for a run tomorrow so I will hopefully see the benefits and maybe beat my average pace. I’ve been to a couple of classes alongside too so just going to try and keep this up.

7. Organise myself for the new term.
I’ve been into uni and replaced a topic that has been cancelled and I know which clubs I am joining so can’t wait to just get stuck in now. I’m going to be joining the Snow sports Society at MMU so if you’re part of that, hi! I don’t go boarding that often as plans always seem to fall through with my friend so hopefully I will get the opportunity to go a bit more.

Not a bad week, just need to keep everything up. Will get another Seven Things post up when I’ve got a few more goals but for now, I’m just going to be continuing with the few I have as they are more longterm ones. A couple of people have asked about the health side of my everyday routines so if you’re interested in more posts to do with that, let me know!

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