A Quick Update…

A Quick Update…

A Quick Update... 1So I haven’t been posting quite as much as I’d like to recently as I’ve been rushed off my feet with university and working. I also have a bit of exciting news…I’m getting a new camera tomorrow wooh! I’m a little sad to see my gem of a Canon 400D leave my side but it’s going to a good home as it’s staying in the family with my sister. However, this means I have made the decision to get a Canon 650D. It has a video function too so I’m hoping to get some more underway as I said I would.

Anyway, with the technical side of excitement out of the way, I’ll carry on with what I intended on saying. I was going to write a 7 Things for 7 Days post but I only have a couple of things that I intend on doing at the moment. Firstly, I’ve been a little bit demotivated at the moment in terms of keeping fit and going to the gym. I’ve hit a bit of a wall as I haven’t been for a while but I haven’t put any weight on (which is great!) but I need to get back into a routine so badly. Now that I’m settling back into uni, I’m going to try and make a plan of what classes I’m going to and when I’m going to swim, etc. I’m looking at changing gyms too so that I can try and be a bit more motivated and also it will be closer to university and where I live.

With being back in lectures, I’m so far keeping up to date with all my work so I just want to keep on top of this. I’ve started looking into my dissertation more thoroughly and I’m finally coming to a conclusive title. I’m staying in contact with my tutor in order to keep on top of things and I’m going to try and have at least 3000 words written by November.

Sorry it’s not a beauty post tonight, I am still in studying mode at the moment. I’ll write up a couple of posts on Thursday so that there’s a few in the pipeline for the next week ahead!