An update on life

So I have neglected you all a bit recently. I’ve had a bit of a mad week with people over, working, packing and moving house. I promise the usual beauty blog posts will resume tomorrow!! Anyway, I thought I’d give you all a little bit of an insight of what’s to come.

So Alice, Freddy and I have moved! Well, we are still moving bits but most of my bedroom is done. We’re now in a three bedroom house rather than a flat and no longer in the city centre. It’s nice and quiet and a lot closer to uni. I’ve had a pretty big clear out and thrown a lot of bits away. Along the way I have also selected a few bits for a giveaway I’m hoping to do at some point this month and I have started a collection for a blog sale too. Wooh!

Another exciting bit of news is that I’m planning on doing some YouTube vlogs!! I’m so excited but pretty nervous at the same time to get it all started! I’ve got a couple of different things planned, mainly make-up based so just watch this space! If you want to subscribe to my channel on YouTube before I get started, you can do that here.

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers use Google Friend Connect but this site is powered by WordPress, not blogger. I’m trying to use Bloglovin’ predominantly but I’ve put a link at the side to join my blog on GFC if you prefer to use that.

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An update on life