Finding Time to Relax in a Busy Week

Finding Time to Relax in a Busy Week

We all have those weeks that feel like they’re never going to end but not long enough at the same time. Finding time to relax in a busy week can be difficult but for me, it keeps me in a positive mindset and refreshes me. Whether you’re in a mentally draining job, running around after others or just have a week full of appointments, find the time to take a few minutes to yourself. When things are getting stressful, I like to make time for the following;

Keeping Active

Now, this might be someone’s worst nightmare in a busy week but make time for it. For me, I’ll make sure I try and keep active 4-5 times per week. Whether that’s going for a run, a weights session or just making sure I hit 10,000 steps. Exercise makes me happy and is a chance for me to switch off from the day or get my mind to focus. You release endorphins and always feel great after a workout. Running is a great way to clear your head and I’ll often just do this in the evenings when I feel I’m burning out.

Get a Decent Sleep

I’ll always try to get around seven hours sleep even when I’ve planned a 6am gym session. I don’t sleep through the night so I’ll be in bed around eight hours to get a decent enough sleep. It’s your body’s time to recharge and recuperate. Five cups of coffee before midday cannot fix a constant lack of sleep. If I get less than six hours sleep, I find it really difficult to concentrate the next day so this is a priority for me.

Find Some ‘Me’ Time

This is one of the hardest things to do when you’ve got a busy week but the most important. Even if it’s just ten minutes before bed, make time to listen to some music, read a chapter of a book or put a face mask on. These few moments of bliss are essential to me when I’m finding time to relax in a busy week. I’ll always try to set an evening aside in the middle of the week to wind down a little. I love using my Tropic Skin Blemish Fighting Mask as I know how easily I can break out when I’m stressed. Putting a fresh layer of tan on always helps me to feel a bit better if I’m not wearing much make-up too.

Switch Off From Work

Working in a digital agency by day, we use a lot of tools to communicate with. I found that I was getting stressed outside of work hours because I was reading emails or Slack messages. Making the decision to remove Slack (an instant messaging system) from my phone has been an instant relief. I also try not to check my work email in the evenings. If there are ever emergencies, my boss knows he can call or text me. It has helped me to relax in the evenings so much more and keep a positive and fair work-life balance.

Put Your Phone Down

This is something I struggle with because I have a routine that I like to stay committed to in terms of engagement. However, Curt and I will set time aside to watch a film or series each week with no phones. I don’t have to pay attention to anything and anyone that’s trying to get hold of me will be able to do so afterwards.

Breathing Exercises

If I’m ever feeling stressed and struggling to find time to relax in a particularly busy week, I’ll do a few breathing exercises before sleeping. I sometimes find it difficult to snooze off so I’ll play some music and do some deep breathing exercises. If you enjoy doing this, you might like trying meditation next. I’ve used the Headspace app before which is a really easy way to get into it.

I’ll always try finding time to relax in a busy week one way or another to keep myself sane. Personally, I like to keep active, get a decent sleep and have a little pamper regularly. I’ll try and fit in any extras as and when I can.

How do you like to stayed relaxed when you’re feeling hectic?