Maple and Whisky Candles

Maple and Whisky

One thing that people know about me is that I love Disney. You’re shocked, I know. Something I’ve wanted to get my hands on for ages are some of the Maple and Whisky Candles from Etsy. The scents are created to represent different areas, hotels or food in the parks. I have so many friends with them and decided that moving house was a great excuse to finally buy some. After lighting them the first time, I’m already hooked and what to try out more.

Maple and Whisky 8oz Candles

Beach Club

I have really fond memories of walking through Yacht & Beach Club from both times that I worked at Disney. It always smelt clean and fresh with a hint of seaside (in a great way). If you’ve been through Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, they are a very similar scent. Maple and Whisky have replicated this scent perfectly using Green Clover and Aloe. I have this one in my bathroom to give it a more of luxurious feel.

Castle Club

The Maple and Whisky Castle Club scent was actually recommended to me by my friend Jen. She has so many around her house and is one of the main reasons I wanted to grab some for myself. This one has a really earthy scent with sandalwood and vanilla and smells divine. I keep switching between this and the Polynesian scent being my favourites. This one in particular is based on the Disneyland Paris Hotel. Although I have been here, I don’t remember how it smelled enough to say whether or not it’s accurate.

Maple and Whisky Wax Melts


Maple and Whisky - Polynesian Wax Melt

I think this scent is one of the best things to ever come into my life minus Disney itself! My favourite hotel of all time is the Polynesian resort. It’s the first one I ever visited and met people from the International Collage Program at back in 2013. It’s theme is exactly as you would expect and is home to the restaurant called Ohana. This scent is exactly like the lobby when you walk in and is a sweet mix of tropical fruits. It’s a gorgeous mix of melon, pineapple and coconut. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed pineapple so this was definitely love at first smell.

Mickey Waffle

When I was looking at the different options, I was really torn between the Mickey Waffle and the Main Street Bakery scents. As soon as I opened it, it took me straight back to Disney! It’s an incredibly sweet scent with and it smells exactly like a Mickey Waffle covered in maple syrup. If you’ve been to any of the Disney hotels, these are a must from the breakfast buffets. They’re in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head too so you just have to try them.

All the candles and waxes last an incredible amount of time as they are a soy-paraffin blend. I still haven’t reached the end of my 8 oz candles and I burn them every few days. My little wax melts are 3 oz i think and I’m sure each one has lasted me around 8-10 hours of scented burn time. The scents linger for the next day or so which is lovely. I try to switch what I’m using every time I burn something purely because I think my nose gets used to the scents quickly.

I’m going to place another order when I get paid and want to get Jambo House because I loved going to Boma and Sanaa to eat. This one is supposedly similar to the Castle Club one too so I already know I’m going to love it. I want to get another sweet, fruity and neutral one too but can’t decide which. Maple and Whisky also have different theme park products such as Butterbeer from the Harry Potter sections at the Universal parks, which is another I really want to try out.

Have you tried any of the Maple and Whisky products?