When Home is a Feeling, Not Just a Place

Something I’ve come to realise more and more recently is that home is a feeling, not just a place. I could never pinpoint just one place that feels like home to me. It’s the people… View Post

When Life Doesn’t Work Out How You Thought It Would

So what happens when life doesn’t work out the way you thought it would? Embrace it. When I was at school, I had a ‘plan’. A plan for my work life and my love life.… View Post

10 Apps That I Can’t Live Without

Everyone has apps that they can’t live without, whether they’re for blogging, doing your job or travelling. There are ones you use every day and love for various different reasons. I’ve recently upgraded my phone… View Post

Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to University

Overall, I really loved university life. I went to Manchester Metropolitan, studied Social History and managed to get a 2:1. I fell in love with the city and stayed there for a few years after.… View Post

April Goals

It’s finally April, one of my favourite months because it’s my birthday! Sadly, I’m not going to be doing a road trip through Georgia and South Carolina this year but I do have a couple… View Post