Week 1 of #100happydays

Week 1 of #100happydays

Last week I decided to start the #100happydays tag on Instagram; I pretty much always post pictures of food so thought it would be nice to add a bit of variation but to also remember the little things that make me happy every day. As a new weekly post, I thought I’d also share a little on here to show what I’ve been up to and why the images have made me happy. So here goes, week one, days 1-7.



#day1 I went down to London for the Professional Beauty Show and the night before, I went to see my wonderful friend Oliver. I haven’t seen him in over a year so it was lovely to catch up and also meet his friend. We went to Busaba Eathai which is an amazing thai chain in London where we pretty much chatted about Disney the entire night!

#day2 I spent the day at Professional Beauty as I said and absolutely love being surrounded by make up, especially looking at all the Essie colours available. I even made a few cheeky purchases there.

#day3 Finally finding my name!

#day4 I actually had a really bad migraine on this day so the only picture I had is of my freshly cleaned nails. I had chipped varnish and love the feel of manicured nails with no polish.

#day5 On my way down to London, I popped into WHSmiths to get some snacks for the train and the man who served me said that a lady came in and bought six scratch cards but told him to give one to the next five customers. I didn’t win anything, but it was a lovely idea.

#day6 I got an amazing opportunity to come here for something special. I’m not going to go into any detail on what it was exactly, but I am incredibly excited and nervous about it. If all goes to plan, I’m sure you’ll all find out soon enough.

#day7 I went to Chester and had a wonderful girly weekend with Leah and Jess who are two of my best friends from Disney who I couldn’t imagine not being in my life now! We went for a meal at Bar Lounge then headed back to get ready and go out to Kuckoo and Fiesta Havana.

If you’re taking part in #100happydays, please feel free to leave your links below. If you want to see my photos each day, my Instagram username is missdanielleeex