Week 4 of #100happydays

Another manic week! I have been running around like a headless chicken, travelling up and down the country again. My blog was also taken down for a few days as it was repeatedly attacked. Not to worry though, all is back up and running so I thought I’d catch up on the #100happydays tag.



#day22 The day finally came for the Manchester #bbloggers Event that myself and Anastasia organised. It had been pretty stressful but fun to organise and we pulled it off and I’ll be putting up a post on how we went about it this week.

#day23 I was having a bit of a rubbish day so decided to go to Stu and Anna’s after work. I was greeted with these after work by Anna to cheer me up.

#day24 I convinced myself to get up and go for a run to only discover it was raining. Despite that, I went anyway and ran a wonderful 5km and felt great!

#day25 Discovering that if you pay via the paypal app in Gourmet Burger Kitchen, you got a free burger. That was an extremely good day. And incredibly yummy!

#day26 A nice cup of tea and a Malteaster bunny round the boyfriend’s flat.

#day27 Starbucks is usually something I always have in my hand but I hadn’t had one for over a week so this was a nice little treat when I had been in bed all day with a migraine.

#day28I had to travel down to London again on the Saturday and once again visited Whole Foods. It’s one of my favourite places to shop and I really wish that there was one in Manchester. They sell such yummy food on the salad and hot bar!

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Week 4 of #100happydays