Week 6 of #100happydays

Week 6 of #100happydays

A slightly more relaxing week, I’ve been getting on with actually doing fitness and making a conscious effort to generally be a bit fitter. So far, so good, so here is week 6 of #100happydays!

#day36 I had a night in with the Mr so I decided to take a cheesy photo of us as I haven’t really got any yet!

#day37 Beans and poached egg on toast with cheese is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s something I can always eat when I don’t know what else to cook, it’s also one of the things I missed the most when I was in Florida. American supermarkets just don’t have Heinz baked beans readily stocked!

#day38 It was a nice summery day and I had my first Frappuccino from Starbucks of the year, a yummy mocha blend.

#day39 After a good session in the gym, I had a peanut butter, banana, soya milk and flaxseed shake for my breakfast.

#day40 I went to a Body Combat class for the first time in ages and got to almost 5000 fuel points for the day which made me feel pretty good!

#day41 To celebrate Anna’s big birthday, we went to a bar called Lola Lo for cocktails. They were absolutely scrummy and they were half price before 10pm which made them even better. My favourite ones were the Captain Coconut and the Blue Bounty, which tasted exactly like a Bounty bar and even had one in the top! Yum!

#day42 After an extremely hungover morning, Stuart and I headed into town for some food and then we finally got to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was brilliant, I have completely fallen in love with the Avenger Series, especially considering three years ago I wouldn’t have ever gone near a super hero film.