Week 7 of #100happydays

If you follow me on Instagram (missdanielleeex), you may have noticed that I stopped doing the #100happydays tag for a week. It wasn’t because I was unhappy, it was because I had been bed bound with food poisoning for a few days so I didn’t post! I didn’t want to mess up the cycle so I waited a week until it got round to the next consecutive day. Besides being ill, I’ve had a good week and some really lovely moments.



#day43 There was a little shower in Manchester and there was a beautiful double rainbow in the sky. The picture doesn’t really do it much justice but the skyline from my apartment looked so nice.

#day44 After being ill for a while, I went over to Stu and Anna’s as I hadn’t seen them for a while. She had made some lavender and honey macaroons and I didn’t think that I would like them but they were yummy and I probably had a few too many!

#day45 I started packing to go home and to go to Stuart’s in the Lake District as I was going to be working for the next few days. Such a good feeling when you haven’t been home since Christmas, nice to have a little stay-cation away from work.

#day46 After a long day doing a late shift at work, I’m never really hungry enough for a proper meal but jam and butter on toast has to be one of my favourite comfort foods as it’s so yummy!

#day47 As I said above, I was going to Stuart’s parents’ for a day or so. They have a red telephone box at the front of their house which I absolutely love! And a red letter box on their porch.

#day48 Our day consisted of rambling through White Moss Woods and Meadows, Ambleside which I wrote a post about here. I took a few photos of us but there are only a small handful of us not being silly and this was my favourite!

#day49 I headed home on Saturday for the first time in a few months to see my family. I spent the evening watching TV on the sofa with my mum and will hopefully be getting wonderfully pampered by her this week as it’s my birthday!

A Break in the Lake District
Week 7 of #100happydays