When Home is a Feeling, Not Just a Place

When Home is a Feeling, Not Just a Place

Something I’ve come to realise more and more recently is that home is a feeling, not just a place. I could never pinpoint just one place that feels like home to me. It’s the people you’re around that make a place a home, it’s having a connection that’s familiar and comforting. When someone asks you where you’re from, where do you say? Do you literally tell them where you grew up or is it where you’re currently living? Or maybe like me, you struggle to say because a few places that feel like home spring to the forefront of your mind.

Home is where you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

For me, this is anything that reminds me of Disney. Whether that’s world or land or simply the films. It’s the lifestyle; the atmosphere it gives. Happiness is running through the parks and there’s no time to be sad. It’s the friends you go with or the people you meet there. The smells that change with the seasons. It’s the music you hear when you’re away that takes you back instantly. The memories that make you laugh and make you feel happier when you’re upset. It’s the films that make you believe you can do and be anyone you want.

Home is where your family is.

Coming home to the smell of a roast or something else delicious. Going walking in the hills in the cold crisp air in Yorkshire. Sitting and watching a film on the sofa with my sister. Days spent with my grandma making me cups of tea with the television on in the background. Having family around will always feel homely no matter where you are, you’ve grown up around them and have a different type of connection with them.

Home is a feeling

Home is where your passions lie.

Home is where you are beaming ear-to-ear talking about something you love. It’s igniting that passion into someone else and sharing something that is truly in your heart. People can see the happiness it brings you in your expressions, your voice and your gestures. It’s the comfort you feel when you feel confident and excited about something.

Home is where you become your true self and develop.

It might not be the easiest place but it’s where you become ‘you’. Home is the feeling of relief when you’re going through a rough patch in life and get through it. The joy and pride that you feel and the relief of overcoming struggles. It feels like home when you realise it wasn’t actually all that bad but you did it. You’ll remember those moments in years to come and find solace in them.

Home is feeling lost and found all at the same time.

Home does not have to be just one place. You can feel lost in the town you grew up because it doesn’t feel homely to you anymore. You can feel content and happy in a place but still desperately miss another and feel heartbroken that you’re not there. The place you called home for so long might not always feel comforting if it changes; your friends may have moved away. A city might be the same but your lifestyle might not which can make a place you call ‘home’ confusing.

Home is a feeling, not just a place.

I’m not sure if it’s only me that feels this way or whether it’s a common feeling amongst those that have lived in several places. I really struggle when I get asked where ‘home’ is but usually just say wherever I’m living. There are far too many places that I consider comforting and homely but the city I grew up in feels far from homely now. So, for now, I reside in Chester and it’s becoming home.