FOMO: What To Do When You Feel The Fear of Missing Out

fear of missing out

A phrase that I hear more and more often now is the ‘fear of missing out’ or FOMO as it’s more commonly known. With so many different social media platforms available to us, it can be difficult to not get jealous when you see people doing different things with their lives. You need to remember all the positives of your own life. Not on what other people are doing. We’ve all been there, though. It’s important not to dwell on it too much. There are things I try to do to snap out of it and look at all the great stuff I do and have going on my life.

Switch Off From Social Media

I think this is the biggest thing you need to do; people only put the really good stuff on social media. I think that’s pretty obvious with working at Disney. People that post their travels all the time then fall off the face of the earth when they come back home. You still see everyone who is there enjoying themselves in the parks, travelling or just generally being in the sun. This is the same for people that have been travelling. You can see people from school travelling around the world, or getting married or having kids.

It can be really hard to not get sucked into a depressive state because you feel the ‘fear of missing out.’ Facebook makes it so easy to be jealous of people. Just stop. If there are people that you are friends with, unfollow their posts for a bit. Delete the social media apps from your phone. If you don’t have them, you can’t see them. This might be a really difficult thing to do as we are glued to our devices but it can do a world of good to let go.


Count Your Blessings

There are so many great things that you will have done if you just take the time to notice them. I’ve started a Bullet Journal page doing this; every time I feel positive about something I’ve done, I’ll write it in there. It could be little accomplishments that you don’t want to plaster on social media. It could be fitness related, a goal you’ve accomplished in work, or just getting up and being productive on the weekends. Whatever it is, have a little ‘yay’ moment and celebrate.

Make Plans

Getting FOMO because someone had a nice day out or gone travelling? Do the same. If it’s something you want to do more than anything, set a serious plan to go through with and get there yourself. Obviously, you can’t just decide to get married, I know that, but if it’s something that you think you can do, set yourself the challenge. Life can be full of regrets, take the opportunities where you can.

Live in the Moment

Stop worrying about what other people are doing and where they’re going and live your life in the moment. People forget to do this so often, we’re all guilty of it. It’s become more important to post things online than to just enjoy what’s happening around us. Live your life for you and don’t feel like you need to live up to everybody’s expectations on social media.

I think we all go through the motions of having the fear of missing out sometimes but you just need to remember that comparison is the thief of joy. I think that’s a really great quote; if you constantly compare your life, you’re never going to be satisfied and happy with what you have.

How do you stop yourself from having a fear of missing out?