Five Favourite Series to Watch Right Now

five favourite series

We all know that most people like a good binge on a TV series. With the nights drawing in more and more, I love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and watch an episode or two. The cosiness of putting a blanket around you and slippers on with a Bailey’s hot chocolate in hand is the perfect evening in for me. I have a subscription to Netflix like most and my five favourite series are all from here on this occasion. I’ll keep away from major spoilers but there may be a few storyline mentions in this post.

The Good Place

This caught my eye a couple of years ago when it was released. I loved watching Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars (which is also set for a new mini-series next year! Yay!) when I was younger and so started watching The Good Place. It’s incredibly funny and is set in the ‘afterlife’ where four strangers discover what it is to be ‘good’. It’s so lighthearted and easy to watch and with only 20 minutes or so per episode, it’s quick to get through. The third season has just been released so I’m ready to get stuck into it in the next few weeks. It’s on NBC weekly in the USA so I’m waiting for it all to go online before I start. Stopping half way through is no fun!

American Horror Story

This is so dark and twisted and I have loved every single season! I love reading all the theories and the very subtle connections between the storylines and characters that are emerging with each season. If you haven’t seen it before, a lot of the actors are the same in each one but the characters are different (mostly). The speculation is that each season is representative of one of the nine circles of hell from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.

All of the American Horror Story seasons leave you a little on edge and there tends to be a lot of gore. If you have a more delicate disposition, then I’d probably avoid this one. This one is definitely for you if you love dark and creepy storylines. If I have to choose specifics for my five favourite series then I’d recommend Roanoke and Coven. I’ve watched most in order but, bar a few, you can get away with watching in any order. Like Marvel films, there is also a way to watch them in historical time order which I might do if a re-watch them.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Another comedy but there are a lot of series to catch up on this one. There are between 10 and 15 episode per season and the thirteenth is airing in the USA on the moment. Created and written by Rob McElhenney who also plays the character Mac. It’s about a group of five who own and work (if you can call it that!) in a bar in Philadelphia.

Danny DeVito stars from series two onwards as one of the main five characters. You’ll also recognise Charlie Day from Horrible Bosses as one of the leads. One of the main reasons it’s in my five favourite series is because it’s turned into something that I can watch in the background like Friends. All the characters are eccentric and you come to learn their traits very quickly. The episodes are over the top and brilliantly funny. A must watch if you like a bit of modern slapstick humour.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As a child, I remember watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Nickelodeon after school. It will always hold some nostalgia for me. When I saw Netflix was creating a reboot, I didn’t know how to feel. However, despite it only coming out a day ago (from when this was published), I’m now only a few episodes from the end. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is, as it says, chilling. It’s much spookier and a lot more engaging, based closely on the original comic books. There are still a lot of similarities but I think I can go as far as saying is that it’s so different, you can’t compare the two it to teenage tv series. Which I think is a great thing. I won’t say any more about this one as it has so recently aired but, watch it.

The Vampire Diaries

I’ve just started re-watching this in the last month. Despite the broody clichés that are persistent throughout, I will always love The Vampire Diaries. It’s set in a high school and based around the character Elena Gilbert and the two Salvatore vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan. There are a lot of seasons and episodes to catch up on with it just reaching its eighth. There’s also a spin-off season called The Originals which is also worth a watch. The characters cross-over in TVD series 4 in the last few episodes and then throughout the next season. Legacies is another currently being written that’s a spin-off which I’m also looking forward to.

Of course, there are so many seasons out there that are incredible to watch and binge on. I also love the Gilmore Girls as you can probably guess and I’ve recently watched Game of Thrones for the first time. Late to jump on the bandwagon, I know! I wanted my five favourite series to be alternatives to some of the major ones that are out there that I’ve really enjoyed. Let me know what you think to these if you’ve seen them.

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