5 Girl Bosses You Should Be Following

girl bosses

In celebration of International Women’s Day (whoop!), I thought I’d do a shout-out post to all the girl bosses who have been inspiring me so much recently.

First up is Kat Horrocks who I’ve followed online for a while but only just started to notice once a light switched on for me. I started listening to her podcast a few weeks ago and now I listen daily and I’m a little addicted. She’s a life coach and often has other badass girl bosses on her show called Put Yourself First. Empowering to listen to, she’s now a part of my morning commute each day.

Secondly is Chloe Slade from Vibe and Flow who I actually discovered from the above podcast. I’ve been looking into manifesting a lot recently and thought the best way for me would be through writing. I’ve just bought the 90-Day Manifestation + Mindsetting Journal to get me going properly. I’m ready to take action on the dreams I’ve always had and I am loving the process so far.

Thirdly, is actually my cousin Donna. She’s always been a girl boss and her social game is getting stronger and stronger on her personal social account as well as her hair salon in Peterborough‘s. Her Instagram is full of positive vibes and empowering other women whilst also creating a community feel. I’m so proud of her and the person she has always been and has become.

Fourth on my list is Holly Wood who I know from back when I lived in Manchester. She’s a blogging and side-hustle guru that’s an all-round girl boss, mum and downright inspiration. I’ve recently started an online blogging course that she runs and have loved every minute of it. She’s a great teacher and really easy to talk to.

Last but by no means least, is the brand The Inspired Stories powered by not one but three girl bosses. I bought my planner for 2020 from here and I love it. The Instagram feed is gorgeous and full of empowering quotes that I always love to seek out, especially first thing in the morning.

Who are your favourite girl bosses that you love to follow online?