The Green Smoothie Challenge

The Green Smoothie Challenge

I haven’t been too kind to my body recently after living in America, the land of fried food. I needed a change to help get back on track and eating well. After browsing Bloggers Required (another great resource btw – check it out!) I came across The Green Smoothie Challenge by Kezia Hall, looking for bloggers. It was perfect! I’ve now just finished the ten day smoothie plan and I loved every minute of it. It’s not your usual juice detox where liquids are all you have. It’s nice and easy and simply brings an amazing blend of leafy greens and fruit into your diet. I’ve seen benefits from participating so wanted to share my experience with you all.

What is the Green Smoothie Challenge?

The Green Smoothie Challenge is a ten day program that incorporates smoothies containing lots of veggies into your diet whilst still tasting great. I’ve had them for breakfast as a way to kick start my day. I’ve felt really lethargic and found it difficult to get my five-a-day in because I just don’t eat that much. Packing your smoothies with leafy veggies, like spinach and kale, will help to detoxify your body whilst getting in some much-needed vitamins and minerals. Ideally, I wanted to shift a little bit of weight but my key aim was to feel more awake and have better skin.

Green Smoothie Challenge

How does it work?

After signing up, you are sent a shopping list of the items you will need for the ten day challenge along with a recipe book. Once your cupboards and fridge are stocked, you activate your challenge and join the Facebook group. You can chat with other people and Kezia also posts health related articles. Every morning before you wake up, there’s a lovely email in your inbox with that day’s smoothie. Simply stick it all in your blender (I’ve been using a Nutribullet), whizz it up and enjoy.

Do they taste nice?

Yeah, they do! There were a couple that I thought; “Really?! Cocoa powder and spinach?!” but I was always really surprised by how good they were. My favourite was a lemon based, bright green smoothie (pictured) from day four. It’s quite sour and then sweet with a real zing so felt like it physically perked me up. If there are things you weren’t able to get or you don’t like, you can always use a substitute. For example, I had no almond butter so used a peanut butter instead.

Is it just a gimmick?

I always wondered whether smoothies and juices are truly beneficial but the proof was in the pudding (or smoothie in this case!). After a couple of days, I got up much more easily, didn’t hit a wall part way through the day and didn’t feel as lethargic. Another big thing for me was how good my skin looked. I’ve been getting a few spots since coming back to the UK but the Green Smoothie Challenge seems to have helped clear them up. I lost a couple of pounds too but I need to get my fitness lifestyle back before I see anything drastic.

What’s next?

I’ve enjoyed making and drinking the smoothies so much that I’m going to continue to have one each day. Once I’m back in the gym, I’ll add protein powder to them too. I liked being able to get my veggies in first thing and the Green Smoothie Challenge really helped to stop craving sugar and made me feel more full. Hopefully, the increase of vitamins and minerals in my body will help with weight loss, keep my skin clear and increase my energy even more.

Green Smoothie Challenge

What are your favourite energy-boosting green smoothies?