Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I was invited to share a story about my mum and how she insprires me for Mother’s Day as part of a collaboration for “We Bloomin’ Love You Mum”. Several UK lifestyle and food bloggers have written their own accounts in a really beautiful eBook. I recommend the download thoroughly for some heartwarming stories.

Throughout life, most of our mums have usually told us that we can be anything we want. My mum has always supported me with everything that I’ve done. From when I wanted to go on a summer camp with friends at 10 years old, to choosing college over sixth form at 16 and most of all, moving to Florida at 24 years old. She has always been there to encourage and inspire me and help me get back on my feet if my choices haven’t worked out as well as I had planned.

So Happy Mother’s Day!

One of my biggest inspirations is her choosing to follow her dreams at fifty years old by going back into education and becoming a beautician. She studied incredibly hard and I know she found it difficult at times. Passing all her exams with flying colours and, within just two years, she had converted her garage into a luxury spa.

She took more exams for treatments that weren’t as commonly available in the area she lives in. I even got to come along and train as a spray tanner and make-up artist with some brands. Now, Fern Spa & Beauty Therapies is one of the most successful high-end salons in Lincolnshire. Business is booming for her and I’ve never been so proud.

Her courage puts words into action that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I think it’s definitely where I get my stubbornness from in terms that if I want to achieve something. I won’t stop until I reach my goals. Hiccups and problems can occur along the way but you just need faith to see them through.

So here’s to you mum; don’t change, keep that charisma and perseverance because you’re a huge inspiration to both Grace (my sister) and I. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother's Day

How are you treating your mum this Mother’s Day?

*This post is in collaboration with Jardine Blanc. All words are my own.