Happy October First!

Happy October First

There are so many things I’m looking forward to this month, it’s going to be incredibly busy! I am currently sat on the sofa, takeaway Starbucks pumpkin latté in hand, wrapped up in a blanket watching Little Shop of Horrors. Happy October first right?! This time last year, I was in Florida and celebrating ‘fall’. If there’s one thing I loved about America, it was that season. There are pumpkins and festivities everywhere! Really puts you in the mood. The only negative was that it was still way too hot to even think about putting something cozy on. The day I went to take the photo above it was about 30C. I stupidly wore jeans and a sweater because it was supposed to be a cooler day. Mistake right there.

Things I’m Looking Forward to in October

Colder weather – I know people must think I’m crazy to say this but I’ve really miss wrapping up in the cold weather. I can’t wait to put my Uggs back on with a sweater and coat. A big chunky scarf is my go-to and favourite accessory for this season.

New job – Finally, I got a job! Not only that, it’s probably what I’d call a starting point to my dream job. I’m going into one of the best digital agencies in Chester as a PPC executive and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Moving house – As I’m starting a new job, I’m moving out of Leah and Mike’s apartment to go into a house share. I’m so incredibly grateful for them letting me stay whilst I get myself sorted. In a couple of weeks, I’m heading home to get the rest of my stuff. I will finally be reunited with all my clothes, makeup and shoes!

Getting back in the gym – One thing I’ve missed doing is going to gym classes. I’ve done a few circuit training sessions since being back and now I’ve finally got a gym subscription. I’ve already booked onto spin for a few times this week and can’t wait to get stuck back into LDN Muscle. I am determined to get my fitness back to what it was prior to living in the USA.

October Aims

Shift some weight – I’m hoping that as soon as I get my butt back in some classes that some weight will drop off. I’ve actually lost weight since moving to America overall but I’ve lost a considerable amount of muscle. My aim is to lose about half a stone and tone up a little. I’ve got a few pieces of clothing that are a bit snug that I want to fit better.

Blog consistently – A fresh start on Miss Danielle is exactly what I needed! I’ve really enjoyed writing again and want to keep it up. My aim is to blog three of four times a week with one post being beauty related. I do want a complete WordPress theme refresh but that will be an aim for November.

Bake and cook more – With moving, I hope that I can get back in the kitchen eventually. I want to start making more healthy alternatives so that when I get cravings, I can snack on something that’s good for me. I love having a good hearty meal in Autumn. There’s nothing better than roasted root vegetables on a cold night!

So there we have it. Hopefully, October will bring lots of achievements and positivity, I’m ready to get stuck into my new life in Chester. The changing weather will bring some beautiful colours to the trees. Everything always looks better in a golden light at this time of year.

Happy October First everyone! What are you looking forward to?