Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle

Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle

So we all know how much people seem to love the Bath and Body Works dupe candles don’t we? Well, I popped into Home Bargains and searched high and low for them. I was looking at pictures online, I asked a store assistant for help and still couldn’t find them. That’s because I’m an idiot and they’re from B&Ms. I realised this whilst asking the member of staff which is always fun. Good one Danielle! Well, I wasn’t going to leave empty handed because I wanted my new room to smell beautiful. I went to the homewares aisle, picked up all of the candles and smelled each one. I finally decided on the Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle. And do you know what? It’s one of the best candles I’ve ever bought!

It can be compared to a Yankee Candle; the glass pot that it comes in has a similar shape and a lid to match. They feel really luxurious in terms of weight and the glass seems fairly thick which is great as I’ll probably end up storing my makeup brushes in it afterwards. The scent before being burnt is fairly strong and it’s that wonderful autumnal/Christmassy smell of gingerbread. I’ve bought cheap candles before which have smelled amazing in the pot but then not given off so much as a whiff when you’ve lit them.

I lit it as soon as I got home and within about ten minutes, my room transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Well, not literally, but it certainly smelled like one. It was so great, one of my housemates noticed it in the hallway. It’s safe to say I’m pretty impressed by the Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle. I can’t remember the exact price but it was no more than £4 – I think! They also had mini versions for 89p that burn for 16 hours. Now that I know how good these are, I’ll probably end up getting more. I especially want to go back and get the vanilla one.

I had a look online to see if Wickford & Co were a brand you could get elsewhere but they only seemed to have an Amazon store with about four products on which was disappointing. I’m assuming they’re only sold at Home Bargains, maybe? Supposedly, this size jar burns for 95 hours so I think I’ll be good for now. One thing I’d note is, like a Yankee Candle, you need to keep the wick trimmed as it can produce a bit of soot otherwise.

What are your favourite autumn candles?