Home Renovation Before and After Pictures

Home Renovation Before and After Pictures

It’s been a labour of love and we’re finally in a position where it feels like home and I’m happy to share our first home renovation before and after pictures. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that Curt and I have been renovating and decorating our house. It was a very quick process as we had to renovate, decorate and move in within the space of about three weeks. All during Christmas too! Apart from how quickly we’ve had to do everything, I’ve loved every minute of making something our own.


I’ve been lusting after navy colours on Pinterest for quite some time for our lounge. We already have grey sofas and they match up perfectly. This room had the most work done as you can see from all of our home renovation before and after pictures. Prior because the walls and ceilings needed re-plastering but it looks so good now! We boarded up the fireplace and put the TV on the wall with the cables going through the chimney. With a few finishing touches with some pictures on the wall, a gorgeous lampshade and some plants.

Home renovation before and after pictures
Home renovation before and after pictures
Lounge renovation before and after pictures


Luckily the bedroom wasn’t too bad once we had peeled back the layers of wallpaper. It’s not entirely smooth but a bit of paste and filler made it look a lot better than expected. Our bedroom still needs some decorative pieces which hopefully will be in place by the end of the month. We went for a dark teal as the feature wall and a dark grey on the other walls. I love having a dark room because it helps me sleep so much better. Unfortunately, this is the only before picture we don’t have for some reason!

Bedroom before and after


One of our issues in the bathroom was that we had no shower. The tiles around the bath also only went halfway up the wall so it was a case of ripping everything off and attempting to renovate the bathroom as cheaply as possible. We used slate waterproof wall panels to put around the bath and up to the ceiling. A set of new taps, an electric shower and a curtain later, we have a useable bathroom too!

Bathroom before and after
Bathroom before and after


I think this is probably one of my favourite sets from our home renovation before and after pictures. It’s a shame you never get to spend time in areas like this. I wanted a bright but striking entranceway and I think we got exactly that. I love the dark green feature wall, the colour is gorgeous and I have it in the dining room too.

Hallway before and after
Hallway before and after

Dining Room

This room isn’t finished yet and it has in all honestly become a little bit of a room where things go when they don’t have a home! The washing is also always in here to dry! There was a very dated, tiled fireplace which Curt’s dad helped us to replace with a more modern version. We’ll be cleaning it up and putting come large candles in the centre once it’s been grouted. I’ve set up a little home office for blogging, planning and working from home. It’s my own little space and even though it’s not complete, I love it! I need to get another screen and something that isn’t a decorative box to put it on but I love it.

Dining room before and after pictures
Dining room before and after

We still have a lot of work to do but it’s so nice to put our mark on our own house. My next plans are to update the kitchen with a lick of paint and some vinyl on the worktops. I want to get the garden tidied up also and grow some of our own vegetables and herbs. As we do more, there will be more home renovation before and after pictures going on my Instagram.

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